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February 12 2010

Sarah Michelle Gellar: One of the Worst Abusers of Magic? So says io9, referring to her in the 1999 supernatural romantic comedy "Simply Irresistible" as one of the worst offenders in the abuses of onscreen magic.

Guilty pleasures, all of that movies, so I think that they're wrong, magic its just fine considering that these are comedy movies.

Simply Irresistible es just that, maybe it's because of Sarah and her face in that sweet, sweet scenes. but it's SOOOO Sweet.

And Just like Heaven have a ghost/soul, how's that magic?
As far as SMG's movie career goes, that was one of her better ones, IMO. I actually liked it.

And it was kind of neat to realize that Sean Patrick Flanery was Young Indy.

The crab rocked.
Pfft. Simply Irresistible was a cute & fun. Sean Patrick Flanery was the best thing in it-he totally made the movie. The "magic" in the movie wasn't even what I'd consider "magic", as such.
Aw, I disagree. That movie was absolutely adorable, and I'm not the usual audience for that type of romantic film.
Man, that movie was awesome. Not only Sarah but the whole cast was great and it had some really smart dialouges. For an easy romantic comedy - and i think it never wanted to be more - it was pretty perfect.

And come on, just look at Sarah!
It was a great little movie, minus the crab. It's the type of movie that if it was on, I would re-watch it.
Oh boy. I think this was one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Flannery was so faceless that he was in several scenes before I realized it was the same character reappearing. I guess it was sweet, and maybe that elevates it above soul-killing stuff like Saw V, but that's the best I can say for it.
SMG as the red haired witch????
Aw, I like the film, silly sure but SMG is so lovely. Actually, I like a few of the films on the list, heh, as guilty pleasures of course.
SMG wasn't doing it on purpose in _Simply Irresisitible_! It was pap, but sweet and cute pap.

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