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February 13 2010

Vampires - Why They Bite. A surprisingly (for BBC3) erudite look at the history of the vampire in popular culture. They don't get to Buffy until about 40 mins in. She broke ground because she was female and secular, apparently. Probably not available outside Britain, sorry.

It'll be repeated on BBC3 next Tues/Wed at 2.20 am if you're short of bandwidth.

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The secular angle had never occurred to me before. There's always something new when it comes to Buffy.
Yeah, that's true Simon. Also, thanks for this. I saw it advertised and then totally forgot to record it.

Interesting historical points, although I wish they'd actually credited Buffy to Joss seeing as they used all the other author's names.
The presenter was terrible. Other than that, it was a good viewing. :)

Thanks for posting.
You're most welcome.
I watched it the other day whilst shouting at my family that they should be watching Sons of Anarchy instead - it was horrible! The presenter was a head-bobble presenter (can't say I'm a fan) and they only showed season 1 - no Spike! I sometimes end up sitting through these things purely for Buffy and I'm always disappointed by the lack of the Slayer. When it focused on the history and not the pop culture it was better, but still painful viewing IMO.
Soooo. Angel was the only vampire in Buffy who had a soul? The rest were all out to kill and nothing else. Right.....

Next time Beeb, do your research first eh?
And they might want to look up "Carmilla" or "Varney The Vampire" while they're at it, if they're going to talk about vampires in books. Grrr.

I found myself imagining a BBC4 version presented by Professor Christopher Frayling rather than featuring him for two minutes, looking up ancient manuscripts in his most Watcher-y manner.

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