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February 13 2010

Lisa Wiegand's Dollhouse demo reel. She was the cinematographer on the show during the second season. More info can be found at her website.

Loved the cinematography in season two.
The cinematography in S2 was excellent. Yay, Lisa Wiegand!
Very nice. I wish I would have paid more attention to appreciate it the first time around.
Sooo pretty. She was also involved in Season 7 of 24, which was one of its better-looking, most believable-looking (real-world-ish/lived-in) seasons.
gossi, Ross Berryman's work on s1 wasn't exactly chopped liver. But Lisa's work is so gorgeous, I'm surprised more companies haven't started hiring her for their shows or movies.

Maybe Joss will use for "Dr. Horrible 2", since Joss is fond of digital.

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