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February 13 2010

Happy Birthday Mark Lutz! He turns 40 today.

Anybody catch the indie gem of a film Bitch Slap? If you did you enjoyed a hilarious appearance by Mr. Lutz as Deiter Von Vondervon.

edit: apparently there is some confusion regarding the actual birth year of Mark. Wikipedia has it as 1976 while a majority of other sites say 1970. Im gonna lean towards the majority here but if anyone knows better than me feel free to speak up.

The only non-Angel thing I have of Mark Lutz was his movie, "Victor" that was on the CBC a while ago. I picture this guy and Tahmoh Penikett in a buddy-cop movie fighting zombies and such.
Victor was great. I totally forgot I watched that movie.

Looking. Up. Now.
Happy 34th or 40th birthday, Mark Lutz! I hope your temporal anomaly is resolved and you have cake!

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