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November 07 2003

(SPOILER) AtS Sx11 'Damage' details based on the casting sides that are just out. Wow is all I can say.

So Dana is a Slayer, Andrew Andrew!! turns up but the big jaw dropping shocker is what happens to Spike.

This episode sounds good, yet again it's a Spike episode (is season six gonna be called "Angel & Spike" or are they still going to call it Angel to make it seem like he's the main character, I probably pissed off so many people there). It finally adresses the issue of slayers, and one of the best characters from Buffy is in it. Didn't Andrew go off with the remaining Scoobs, you wouldnt think Willow or whoevers in charge wouldnt have sent him on his own to get a slayer, and it's not like he's going to neglect to inform them that Spike's not dead, well, not dead dead, Angel's being a bit of an arse about that. Im hoping for more Buffy characters in episode 100.
There's another report about the episode here at the Voy Boards which might answer your question, Ghost Spike, about where Andrew has been. He mentions Giles!

This is like, Christmas or something.
This is complete speculaton, Episode 100, Cordy wakes up and dies, Fred decides to give Spike Cordy's hands, Episode 101 but some of the evil of Jasmine still lingers in the hands.Angel "We need to make sure you keep those evil hands in check, so we've brought in a specialist" Enter Lindsey
Oh, to click or not to click...

Tom Lenk has great delivery (as did a lot of actors on BtVS). I've never noticed this of anyone in Angel, except Andy Hallet who seems to be a natural (or mebbe he's just playing himself). And CC, sometimes. So I think Andrew'll be a welcome addition. I hope he stays.
Well this episode certaintly fits in with what Jeff Bell had to say a couple of weeks ago.

"Jeffrey Bell, co-executive producer of The WB's Angel, told SCI FI Wire that the vampire series is significantly lighter in tone this year, its fifth. "Oh, I would say it's several degrees lighter, but then again, we're not hosting an apocalypse this year," ".


But in regards to 'Damage' , this is about as dark as Angel has every been. Cool. I like. Course this is the 99th episode so god knows what's going to happen in episode 100.
ME have sussed how to play the Network game. They get told the show must be lighter. So they make it lighter the first few episodes. In all ways. Lighter story, more light on the set and they go out of their way to tell the press and the fans how extremely fluffy and light it will be. And because the suits don't watch... they'll believe they have a lighter-happier show. Which leaves the way free for ME to do whatever they hell they wanna do, preferably in the dark.

Could the "humming man" be Caleb? Just a thought...
Did Caleb hum? I don't remember.
Well I just thought since it said a man in "jeans" the post MegL42 was referencing...Caleb wore may be reaching...did he hum?...I

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