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February 14 2010

Vote in the Watch with Kristin Happy Valentine's Day Shippers Tournament. There are several entries for Whedon shows. Vote early, vote often.

No Astrid/Walter? Booo.
Um, at risk of violating Whedonesque's no shipping rule...Jayne/River?!? Seriously?
Thought the exact same thing when I saw that.
Yeah, we need a ton of Whedon votes. House is dominating the poll.
My vote is in! Now awaiting the influx of Whedonites.
It had seemed like too long a list, and would take too much of my time. ... But if Jayne/River is on the list then I must go back and vote for it! lol
Link won't work for me. :(
Yep, Jayne/River had to be done. JAVER 4 EVAH !
I cast my vote, but there were far too many options. And far too many I wanted to vote for!
I went Ross/Rachel. It was between Oz/Willow, House/Cuddy, Marshmallow/Lilypad (sorry, but their nicknames are just awesome), and Ross/Rachel. It was a hard decision. D:
Cast my vote. How the hell did the House fans get there so quickly!
Wow, that was a long and crazy list. Of course, I still voted because internet polls hold a strange power over me. It helped that the best couple ever was on the list: John/Aeryn from Farscape.

How come Zoe/Wash aren't on the list? Is it because they were already married when we met them and we didn't go through the stages of their relationship? (or non-relationship, like Jayne/River).
Because Victor/Sierra was on there, this was the first time I found it difficult to go with Angel/Buffy.
Can't vote for whatever reason, but if they were there my vote would have gone to Angel/Cordy or possibly Victor/Sierra.
It was a toss up between Willow/Tara and Xander/Anya. Went with X/A. And did I miss the Jayne/River scenes in Firefly??
Clearly "I can kill you with my mind" is advanced space-dwelling foreplay type conversation.

I had to vote Logan/Veronica because... well. I just did.
skittledog said:
Clearly "I can kill you with my mind" is advanced space-dwelling foreplay type conversation.

Ah, yes. And I suppose he did try to show her his man-parts.
Yeah "I can kill you with my brain" is standard sp-foreplay. That and a punch in the nuts is the space equivalent of a come hither look.

Space people aren't like the rest of us.
Willow/Tara right at the bottom, that's who I voted for.
Oooh, Spike/Buffy, Luka/Abby, Barney/Robin, Helo/Athena, Jack/Ianto, Kevin/Scotty.... too many choices!
Space people aren't like the rest of us.

Indeed they are not. I mean, they have those terrifying space monkeys...
Despite being a huge Buffy/Angel shipper, I had to go with Logan/Veronica. They had both the witty banter and angst while Buffy/Angel mostly just had angst.
Normally, I don't get into these shippy things. But it's Valentine's Day, so I voted for Willow/Tara. It was a hard decision, though. Logan/Veronica (LoVe) rocked. But as "epic" as LoVe was, they didn't hold a candle to Willow and Tara.
Had to vote Castle/Beckett, Castle

because of page 105.
Well at least I wasn't the only one confused by the Jayne/River choice. I was worried about early onset Alzheimers, since I had no memory of this great romance. Turning the love of your life and her brother over to the Alliance for cash is a strange way to show your affection.

I decided to vote for a couple that was still on the air and went with Chuck and Sarah.
Went and Voted Mal/Inara. Still showing as 0%.
Voted Willow/Tara :)
Sorry, the Adama/Roslin storyline touched me so much, I had to vote for them. Maybe it's because I'm older, I just adore the middle/upper age love stories <3
Yep, Jayne/River had to be done. JAVER 4 EVAH !

I'm slightly nauseous.

Think I'll stick with the normal and mundane: A human and a vampire.
Oi! Spike and Angel had more romance going on than Jayne and River. If we're going with Jayne/River, Wilson and House have all but confessed love and moved in together, again. ;)

We've sifted through your suggestions, eliminated some of the nuttier pairings (including, don't hate us, Sam and Dean from Supernatural—seriously guys, they're brothers) and narrowed down the list to 128 of your favorites.

Granted, Wincest elimination is acceptable due to the 'cest' part (and it not really being), but River and Jayne? Seriously? Jayne had more going on with Inara. No shipping intended, but this isn't a fic poll -- is it?

*all of a sudden has this strange interest in reading het*

Torned between Victor/Sierra and Spike/Buffy. Two computers saved me from choosing.
No Leverage couples were on that thing! Neither was Angel/Lindsey or Angel/Spike or Angel/Darla or Buffy/Riley or Xena/ I voted for Spike/Buffy.
I went with Chuck/Sarah. Great to see it's on 2nd place. How the hell did House get over 70%?
Why did I scroll to the bottom? I saw Seth/Summer and my heart skipped a beat and next thing I knew, I voted for them! The House and Chuck thing, though? Am I watching a different show, not for the shipping element? I normally get quite involved with some shows about pairings but I Chuck is fine as he is, its his show, and House, the same thing.

I was going to go Veronica/Logan before I saw Seth/Summer - because they are just as amazing.

[ edited by Jaymii on 2010-02-14 23:55 ]

I totally agree with you.

There are no gay male couples on that list, which makes Jayne/River especially weird. Because if we're going to include unconventional pairings, she could at least include some slash pairings. House/Wilson especially. And hello? Spike/Angel is canon!
Why bother? It's already been macro'd.
I see some gay male pairings, but I guess you meant noncanon ones?
So are we not calling Jack and Ianto gay males??
That was a hard decision. When I first saw the list, I assumed Wash/Zoe would be on it so I went to the bottom to vote, but they weren't there, so after weighing all the rest, including Jack/Ianto and Kevin/Scotty, I voted Spike/Buffy as my favourite TV couple. I don't think as a romantic couple that they were the 'best' - I liked them as much or more in S7 when they were a comfortable friendship couple - but because of that they are certainly one of my favourite couples.
So are we not calling Jack and Ianto gay males??

Oops, didn't see that. There may also be more with strangely unisex names from shows I've never seen.
I was dissapointed because there was no Simon/Kaylee.

Yeah, you were allowed to send in your favorite pairing. It didn't matter if the pairing was real or not.
I picked Victor and Sierra, though would have chosen Echo and Paul or Topher and Bennett if they were options.
I am really disappointed there was no Glory/Ben. Now that was a couple!
Why are all the men listed first? It confused me when I went to look for Buffy, then realized I had to look for Angel instead.

There are too many good choices there, including Tenth Doctor and Rose, and Sookie and Bill, but I went with a Whedon choice.

ETA: LoVe was an option too?? Oh, there are so many good choices....Maybe I'll just blog a list of my Top 10 Fave couples.

[ edited by Riker on 2010-02-15 01:18 ]
Eh -- I voted more than once and I'mma have to admit Angel/Buffy and Booth/Bones without any holding back!

I mean come on...any couple actually with David Boreanaz in it makes me melt! Except the slash ones...not really my thing...
I had to vote for Jack and Ianto. I loved that relationship. Shanshu Bugaboo, you really should check out Torchwood.
Hey, you can vote more than once.

[ edited by AngelDiva on 2010-02-15 04:47 ]
No one is going to beat House/Cuddy at this point.
Tonya J,

Probably but the Top 64 is what is being counted.

If I deleted all the 0.0 correctly these are the top 58.
0.1% Angel/Buffy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
0.1% Barney/Robin, How I Met Your Mother
0.1% Booth/Bones, Bones
0.1% Callie/Arizona, Grey's Anatomy
1.0% Cappie/Casey, Greek
1.0% Carlos/Gabby, Desperate Housewives
0.1% Castle/Beckett, Castle
0.1% Charlie/Claire, Lost
0.5% Chuck/Blair, Gossip Girl
8.3% Chuck/Sarah, Chuck
0.5% Clark/Chloe, Smallville
1.0% Cooper/Charlotte, Private Practice
1.0% David/Donna, Beverly Hills, 90210
1.3% Denny/Izzie, Grey's Anatomy
0.1% Desmond/Penny, Lost
1.1% Doug/Carol, ER
1.0% Dylan/Brenda, Beverly Hills, 90210
0.1% Finn/Rachel, Glee
0.1% Helo/Athena, Battlestar Galactica
0.1% Hodgins/Angela, Bones
60.0% House/Cuddy, House
0.1% Jack/Kate, Lost
1.0% Jax/Tara, Sons of Anarchy
0.1% Jeff/Annie, Community
1.0% Jeff/Britta, Community
1.0% Jess/Rory, Gilmore Girls
0.1% Jim/Pam, The Office
1.0% Joe/Allison, Medium
0.1% John/Aeryn, Farscape
0.1% Josh/Donna, The West Wing
1.0% Kevin/Scotty, Brothers & Sisters
0.1% Leonard/Penny, The Big Bang Theory
1.0% Logan/Max, Dark Angel
1.0% Logan/Veronica, Veronica Mars
1.2% Luke/Lorelai, Gilmore Girls
1.0% Mark/Lexie, Grey's Anatomy
1.0% Michael/Fiona, Burn Notice
0.1% Michael/Sarah, Prison Break
1.0% Mick/Beth, Moonlight
1.0% Mike/Susan, Desperate Housewives
0.2% Mulder/Scully, The X-Files
1.2% Nate/Blair, Gossip Girl
0.1% Peter/Olivia, Fringe
0.1% Picard/Crusher, Star Trek: The Next Generation
0.1% Puck/Rachel, Glee
1.0% Richard/Kahlan, Legend of the Seeker
1.0% Riker/Troi, Star Trek: The Next Generation
0.1% Ross/Rachel, Friends
1.0% Ryan/Marissa, The O.C.
0.7% Sawyer/Juliet, Lost
1.1% Shawn/Juliet, Psych
0.1% Sheldon/Penny, The Big Bang Theory
1.0% Slater/Jessie, Saved by the Bell
0.1% Spike/Buffy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
0.1% Vaughn/Sydney, Alias
0.1% Victor/Sierra, Dollhouse
0.1% Will/Emma, Glee
0.8% Willow/Tara, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
I think it's really interesting that of all the Buffy ships, Willow and Tara are the ones getting the most votes.
Hmm. Mal/Inara is there now, but either I was very caffeine deficient yesterday and missed it, or it was added in the last twelve hours. Might be worth a revisit to give them some love :)

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