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February 14 2010

Greatest TV kisses. AOL Television lists the greatest kisses on TV. Buffy makes the list with one of the hottest vampires out there.

I actually might have gone Tabula Rasa myself.
Huh. That was a good one, of course, but I always thought the James/Grace||Buffy/Angelus one at the end of I Only Have Eyes for you was one of the hottest, most heartbreaking kisses ever aired on television. It completely wrenched me, in all the best ways.
My favourite BtVS kiss is the Willow/Tara after they get back together. Then they had to go kill Tara off. -_-" But, anyway, I think they should have used the Central Perk kiss for Ross and Rachel. Also, Buffy should have been a bit higher up.
Yay a bit of Spike/Buffy lurve. *g* Nice to see that folks still remember after all this time.
I still go for the first one talked about, when Spike was so beaten and Buffy was the "Buffybot". That was such a sweet gentle kiss and I cried.
The Wesley/Cordelia kiss in Buffy season 3 is probably my favourite.
The Buffy/Angel one in "Revelations" is definitely my favorite. Bonus points for the awesome circling camera work.
My favourite: Tara/Willow first kiss.
*sigh* The kiss that got me into the series. :D
I hadn't seen BtVS for years, and then I turn it on during the musical episode, and I'm already like "wtf?" and then, with this kiss at the end, I was thinking "Wasn't Spike the BAD GUY??!?!"
So I went back and caught up on everything to fill in the blanks.

Have to say, one of my favourite kisses too.
My favorite kiss(s) is between Buffy and Angel in Surprise when she shows up at his place after her nightmare. Those kisses were not only hot but romantic as well, the best ever. Those were kisses I could almost taste, and they spoiled me for any others.
So I started thinking which kiss I would've chosen but theres way too many. I'd probably go with Buffy/Angelus as James/Grace and if we're counting Angel eps too, IWRY with B/A in the sun was such a great one. But honestly, we could fill a whole list with the greatest kisses in Buffy alone.
That Spike and Suffy one is my all-time favourite screen kiss. In fact, it inspired the creation of my "The Buffy and Spike Scale of Kissing Greatness" by which I rate all onscreen kissage :)
My favorite kiss was definitely that Wesley/Cordelia Kiss. The build up was great and it was so awkward and sooo funny. It's the first kiss that leaped to my mind when I read the thread title.

But that said... I do remember that OMWF kiss being a truly "WTF? Did I just really see that?" moment. Fortunately I was taping it and after rewatching it four or five times, I managed to convince myself that I hadn't hallucinated and was able to move on to "What the hell's gonna happen next week?" ; )
cleveland: Ditto.
It's good to see Buffy still got mentioned after all, be it OMWF kiss it's only better.

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