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February 14 2010

Buffy wouldn't listen to Widespread Panic. The A.V. Club questions Buffy and Willow's taste in music.

That's hilarious. Actually, I know all sorts of people who like things you wouldn't think they did. Still, from the music that was always on the show I always did scratch my head when I saw the Widespread Panic posters.
Perhaps, but the Bronze also featured some great bands like Velvet Chain, Darling Violetta and of course Chibo Matto. Though I might mix up which bands actually played the Bronze or was just used as soundtrack.
Though the poster could have been left by Kathy *fanwank mode*.
Ol' slacker Xander would have liked them. Maybe the scoobies went to a show together and the poster was from a fond memory. Or perhaps we're reading WAY too much into a set decorator trying to plug their favorite artists.
Umm.....they're in Sunnydale, home of the Hellmouth. What makes anyone think "Widespread Panic" refers to a band and not the natural state of mind of the citizens?
Good point - It could be a little more literal than most seem to think.
ShadowQuest makes a good point, like that :)
Let's not forget Aimee Mann either.
As a huge jamband fan, I personally loved it when I'd see Widespread Panic or String Cheese Incident posters in Sunnydale. Buffy even had a Phish sticker on her bedroom mirror! That said, the Scoobies did not seem like stereotypical jamband kids. But who knows? They didn't seem overly concerned with music, with the exception of Dingoes, and Cibo Matto.

It would have been fun to see them go to a Phish show. I bet there are plenty of demons on Shakedown Street.
Shakedown Street actually being from the real jam band, the Grateful dead, of course!
I always thought Buffy's choice of loud music in "Listening to Fear" was pretty funny.
I never really paid much attention to the music (though I definitely noticed when Aimee Mann made her hilarious cameo). I just assumed they plugged in whoever the network wanted to sell more albums that quarter.
That always drove me crazy about the show...WP stickers were showing up as early as Season 2 if memory serves. Aimee Mann, now that worked just fine. "I hate vampire towns," heh.
Didn't know Aimee Mann when she showed up on the show. The only band to play at the Bronze which I knew and loved beforehand was K's Choice. In fact, I preferred not knowing the bands as that reinforced the fictional universe. Having a band I knew - and loved - pop up, completely took me out of the scene for a while, although I've gotten numbed to that effect after rewatches.
I get a kick out of people who think that the music people choose always has to be part of a social scene. Some of us just like to listen to music. All kinds of music. And don't revolve our personal style and lives around it. I think most people are that way. The show was at least in part about breaking stereotypes. So there you go.
I'm so out of touch I had no idea what anything in this article meant. (Then again, I just barely grasped Topping's comment in Slayer that the Bay City Rollers were a bit mild for teen-Giles's image.)
I play it safe in my fics; I leave musical references up to my Mary Sue characters and/or random neighbors, and in one case a therapist.
Well, the only music on the shows that I have any hope of being familiar with is...


You guessed it...

The kinds of music that Lorne and Angel like. LMAO.

Though I thought that the Ashanti and Michelle Branch cameos were a bit too close to stunt casting / too famous to be at the Bronze. Aimee Mann was the only other one I had seen before...

And well, I just got really distracted by the fact that her guitarist during her BtVS appearance happened to be Michael Lockwood, the 4th husband of Lisa Marie Presley (and me, being a ginormous Elvis fan, recognized him immediately).
I always liked the Sprung Monkey played in the series premiere. I always enjoyed their music and it made sense since they were an fairly small band from socal. I actually bought the Nickel cd after they were on the show, and it was pretty cool when K's Choice were on. Moreso than the WP, SCI and Phish (who my brother loves and loved about the show) stickers though, I noticed there were a lot of ALL stickers in and around Sunnydale, which I always got a kick out of since I love ALL (I think I spotted the occasional Bad Religion and Black Flag sticker too). It probably had more to do with the PD than anything else but hey, our Scoobies had eclectic music taste.

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