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February 15 2010

Ultradome: Buffy vs. Count Chocula. What it says in the title. Adjust expectations accordingly. Produced by, amongst others, Milo Ventimiglia.

My brain hurts.
Outcome SPOILERS !!! Heh
At first I was thinking that none of my picks would win, after substitute-Buffy got exploded and Star Wars won out over LotR (thought there'd be a preference from the creators of this for SW too, but then Indy won, so it was all good), but Episodes 2 and 3 had more favorable outcomes (even though Wolverine vs. Hulk was arguably the lamest of the four--even lamer than me indulging in a "versus" thread). Pretty tired of the digs at Ang Lee's Hulk, the only ones that're easily supportable are in regards to the ending/Nick Nolte, IMO.

Seems like Milo's been real into the whole comic book/nerdgasm thing since around Heroes Season 2. Does anyone know if he's genuinely into this stuff, or is he just smart-marketing himself ? (feels kinda awkward asking that after folks were questioning the reality of Felicia Day's nerdity a while back, but I figure maybe someone who follows Ventimiglia has picked up on stuff in interviews and knows).

I see he fit in a plug for his series, Berserker (from Image/Top Cow) during the comic shop scene, has anyone read it ? Any good ? Top Cow occasionally produces good material aside from their standard T&A/fantasy-sci-fi, especially within their independant, creator-owned, non-Top Cow Universe lines (like some of what J. Michael Straczynski did for them, noteably Midnight Nation, or Obergeist, Gary Frank's KIN, and Seth Green's Freshmen wasn't bad, just off the top of my head).
?_? That was utter garbage.
That was unbelievably horrible.
That has to be THE WORST Buffy parody ever made. Worse, "Buffy" reminds me of Harmony, My eyeballs are still recovering.
Whatever, Buffy always wins! Lame.
Wow. I never thought I'd regret watching something so much...
Actually, Buffy effectively did win -- and in classic style, with her trademark game-changer (milk) and wry commentary afterward. The only way she lost was by introducing a totally new element. Whoever heard of a vampire being brought back by having his remains eaten?
Okay, I watched with the sound off, so I missed a lot, but I agree with ManEnough, the pulling out the milk was brilliant.
It's very silly, but I didn't think it was horrible. I liked the girlfriend-and-boyfriend-in-comic-shop part more than the battle scenes.
I stopped watching immediately when the girlfriend says Buffy "died once." Because she died twice, lady.

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