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February 15 2010

Christina Hendricks on the cover of New York magazine. The issue hits stands February the 22nd.

She defines womanhood.

Whoa. Good bible.
I believe she is the shape of things to come...

alcabongTV those of us of the female persuasion who are not curvaceous are not women?
It's so great to see my ex-girlfriends doing so well.
Christina - almost naked and very articulate. Mustn't forget what a great actress she is.

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I have no idea if you're joking or not, Brian.
Brian has such a lovely fantasy life & imagination. Nice to know his delusion is unshakable. Never surrender, never give up!
Just trying to compliment Christina....not trying to insult anybody.
I can understand her irritation about the constant comments about her figure. She's obviously gorgeous; now can we please talk about her awesome acting skills?
Season 4 of Mad Men is still so far away. Lovely interview. Lovely lady.
She is so very good on Mad Men. If you aren't watching it, do yourself a favor and begin at the beginning. Her character's arc is a torturous one.
I have to admit that I've never watched Mad Men, but I simply adore Christina and agree wholeheartedly with all her sentiments.
She looks a LOT like Bryce Dallas Howard in those pics. They could play twins if they ever get cast in a future project.

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