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February 15 2010

Geek Valentines: "I Love You, Joss Whedon". While searching YouTube for something (anything) tagged with 'Joss Whedon' I ran across this lovely Valentine tribute to Joss. I've checked and it doesn't appear to have been posted and rejected already.... and I thought other fans would get a kick out of it (I did).

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day yesterday and I'm sorry Joss (probably) didn't get to see this one on the day.

Valentine's Day is an evil holiday, invented to boost the sales of flowers, chocolate, cards and expensive jewelry.

Why would anyone not Anyanka want to celebrate a massacre, any way?
That was very sweet.
From the women who brought us "I Love You Nikola Tesla."

Loved the NPH part:

"Cuz I think he's kinda hot
I know he's gay
That's okay
I will just groom him"
ah so cute. These girls did a great job.
I'm impressed. Good song, good voices. Nice tribute to the Purple One.
Thanks for posting this. Very cute and funny.
Nice to see some other black Whedonites out there!

*does a happy dance*
Thanks for that, I loved it!

See, I told you it needed to be at Whedonesque!

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