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February 15 2010

The Guild season 3 DVD available to buy on Amazon. Also includes the "Do You Want To Date My Avatar" music video (which has 7.7 million views on Youtube, btw). Somebody give this girl a TV show deal, already.

Weird, it's not on yet. Nor, but the Season 1 & 2 set shows up on both. Someone's probably already done this, but I'll e-mail Felicia just in case. Them's untapped markets.

The search wasn't completely fruitless, aside from the first Guild set it brought up Athletic Model Guild-Revisited [VHS]...hmmm...Nah, 24.99 pounds plus shipping from the UK to Canada is a little much, even for vintage porn, and especially if it's on tape.

I'm trying to be no-disc/no-waste for entertainment lately (aside from, y'know, the electricity required), but I bought the Season 1/2 set at Xmas and I'll buy this 'cause it's easier to lend/share/gently evangelize. And I wanna watch Season 3 and the music video on a TV finally (too lazy to get the hook-ups for PC-to-television viewing and the Wii's internet doesn't always stream video all that well, or at least it used to not).
Hmm, it looks like this is a general-release version too. It's from the New Video people. I was expecting an Amazon exclusive first.

Yay! Maybe I'll try HMV tomorrow.
Good plan, HMV sometimes has stuff at their cheapest during initial release week.
Can't answer for Felicia, but I think it's USA only at the moment, and only online. Pretty obviously I can imagine that changin' over time.

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I'm torn between just getting this now and waiting for the retail release (which according to their website is slated for later in the spring). I probably won't wait.

But FYI, the Amazon release is a (region free) two disc DVD-R set. The retail release will be one disc with the same content.

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No! No TV deal! I want her as a regular on The Big Bang Theory... :D
Yeah, they have more details on the roll-out plans on the Knights of the Guild podcast. This initial Amazon release is done through Amazon's DVD-on-demand service, CreateSpace. The full retail version (through New Video) will come out late spring.

If seasons 1 & 2 are an indication, I believe it's the full retail version that typically gets stocked in the non-US Amazon sites.

They also have a review of the special features. They sounds pretty cool.
I prefer Felicia not being on TV to her being on a crappy TV show that I would feel compelled to watch because she is on it. Pumped for S3 on DVD. BTW, if anyone is interested in getting their friends into the Guild, seasons 1 and 2 are available on instant view on Netflix. It is how I got into it and then my friends.
I just got a friend into it by forcing him to Insta-Netflix it. I still need to buy seasons 1 and 2...

(Off-topic: I just got Final Fantasy Origins! Now I have every main series Final Fantasy game.)
I'd rather she not get a TV deal, but get the next season of the Guild renewed with a higher budget so we can have longer episodes :)
Thanks for the info, RayHill. Just as an addition, they wrote me back with the following:

"Thanks for writing - we're working on a UK release and the Canadian release should be in May or thereabouts.

-The Guild management"

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