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February 15 2010

Olivia Williams talks random roles with the AV Club. Nice mentions of Dollhouse, Joss, and the fans, including this site.

"I tried not to get too addicted to reading the Whedonesque website, because it could become obsessive." Truer words.

Olivia Williams reads Whedonesque! Olivia Williams reads Whedonesque!

Olivia Williams could theoretically be reading this now!

Uh...hi. Uh, I like your work. *bashful smile*

This reminds me how much I have to see "Rushmore" and "An Education." (I'm not convinced if even OW's presence will entice me to see "The Postman"--but maybe.
Olivia Williams reads Whedonesque! Olivia Williams reads Whedonesque!

Hee, I know! Love her! I still need to see "An Education." Everything that I've seen her in thus far has been awesome, and made even more awesome by her mere presence. I particularly loved "Miss Austen Regrets."
"Your subtext is showing." = quote of the month.
That just made my morning. Big grin on my face.
I'm intrigued The Ghost Writer now. (Kind of wish they'd asked about Miss Austen Regrets though- first time I'd seen Olivia Williams.)
The thought of Olivia Williams on craigslist and Whedonesque is BLOWING my MIND. I feel like she's... looking at me, or something. What a great interview, films I've loved and barely ever heard comments on are noted, very cool.

ETA: She really needs a cast/crew account- come on, Joss and Tim use theirs sometimes!

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Yes, she's fab. Fan of hers, and will check out that new movie.
What a wonderfully sweet woman. And such sad circumstanes revolving around Dollhouse. I really feel it could have been great, not just good, tv.
Reading this was a brilliant way to start my day. She's just completely amazing.

Somehow I managed to miss she is in The Ghost Writer. I already wanted to see that one because Polanski is directing and because it is an adaptation of a Robert Harris novel (whose new Cicero novel, Lustrum, I'm reading right now) but now that I know Olivia is in it I'm really looking forward to it.

Watching her performance always was one of the highlights of Dollhouse for me. And in Rushmore (one of my favorite movies) she was absolutely outstanding too.

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..and don't forget, we are not only devoted and incredibly bright, but also charming and loyal!! :)
I finally was able to watch the last three episodes of Dollhouse last night, and I was incredibly touched and blown away by Adelle and Topher and their relationship. Thank you Ms. Williams for a character exceptionally well done!
I haven't seen Rushmore in SOOO long, have to go back and rewatch! And really anything with her in it. I'll just have to explain to the husband why the Postman is in the netflix cue!
Wonderful actress. She's good in everything and she just keeps getting better. She'll have Helen Mirren's career one day.
I never realised she was in X-Men 3.
And she played Moira Mactaggart nonetheless. Forgot that completely.
That's nice to read. She's very kind to us, really. Devoted. Heh. That's one way to describe us.
I'll have to go back and see the Sixth Sense again.
"Their analyses were very profound and correct, and they could spot the places where they felt that (Joss) had been persuaded to go against his instincts. They could smell them from a mile off"

Sweet validation. :)

"Tried not to get too addicted" but she really read that much, that carefully? I'm blown away.

Just sweet, in every sense of he word. Totally made my day.

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Awww. She read Whedonesque??! That's amazing. Especially for her, because I think she would be hard-pressed to find someone who disliked Adelle or her portrayal of that character.

Olivia Williams is a class act, phenomenal woman. She is sorely missed, not glowing on my television every week. And between her and Joss, Adelle DeWitt is certainly one of my favorite characters of all time. I'm going to go cry now.
That was so sweet of her!

Wish I could think of something more . . . profound . . .

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That's great! Just watched her in "An Education" and only recognised her from her voice.
Her interviews are always a good read. It's pretty great to think Adelle might have opened the door to more morally ambiguous roles since she captures that so well.

Really cool to know she likes the site too. :)
Having not seen any of Olivias other works, exept X-men 3, I must say that her acting as Adelle DeWitt was one of the big positive surprises for me with Dollhouse. Now I have to check out the other movies.
I noticed that Olivia has been in two films (Rushmore and The Sixth Sense) produced by Barry Mendel, who also produced Serenity. Perhaps Mendel recommended Olivia to Joss.
Have always enjoyed her (not just because she says nice things about us!) and it's a good reminder that I need to see An Education, which I already wanted to see because Carey Mulligan is in it (Sally Sparrow FTW!).
Um, can we please make her a purple person, PLEASE!?! Because she is just so full of win, and she could be reading this right now. *faints*
If she would like to post, she can certainly email us at the link at the bottom of this page :).
Me too, zeitgeist...and I've been hearing rave reviews of An Education for months. Also howdy there! Guess I haven't posted here in years (literally).
Not since January 2005, it seems :). Welcome back!
Thanks! But I have been following on twitter...and lurking :-)
Well, then welcome back to non-lurk mode :)!
Very cool interview. Slightly longer than Random Roles sometimes is but I could've read her smart, sane, insightful responses for hours.

She's right about Joss' ear for British (principally English) dialogue too. On that topic though, I wonder if the interviewer Americanised the responses slightly - 'ass', 'mom' etc. Or perish the thought, maybe Ms Williams is going native ! ;)

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