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February 16 2010

James Marsters Q/A from the SFX Weekend event. Some very good questions and answers from James.

Thanks for posting the link to that. It was one of the better Q & A's I've seen. JM gave very good, thoughtful answers to the questions he was asked.
funny and enjoyable James is the man.
I loved his answers for the OMWF questions: loving the ep. because all his castmates conquered their fears? That's awesome.

Also, clearly the non-Joss directors on the show didn't always know what was going on. I find that fascinating...
That was great! I'm happy that James's favourite Spike moment is the same as mine.
The more interviews i see of James Marsters, the more he becomes my favorite =]
James Marsters is absolutely brilliant!!!! He could carry his own show quite easily and I would love to see him get one!!!!!!!!!!

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