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February 16 2010

Most Sizzling TV Couples of All Time. Vincent Kartheiser and Captain Tightpants both make the list. Not together, of course.

Although the two of them would make a truly astonishing couple. In fact I'd like to see that.
Sadly, no Buffy relationships - even though Spuffy ends with one of the participants on fire (which is pretty sizzling).
The acting on Castle is terrible. Especially the two leads.
Agreed, Castle is dreadful and certainly no sizzle.
You've got to be kidding. I love Castle, and I never get into this kind of show. And Nathan "terrible"?? Both he and the gorgeous Kana Stanic are great in their roles, and they have terrific chemistry.

Some of these choices are really strange. Pete and Peggy on Mad Men? Love Vincent, Elizabeth Moss and the show, but they're relationship is creepy.

Love the blast from the past of Jimmy Smits and Kim Delany from NYPD Blue, the original 'set your TV on fire' couple.

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