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February 16 2010

Katee Sackhoff - "I dreamed of being Buffy in high school". She tells E! Online "I wanted to be Sarah Michelle Gellar. I'm in a really fantastic spot as far as my high school dreams go."

Cute interview, brings back memories from when Kristin was Wanda.
Sad that both of them, mostly Katee has been wasted in 24 so far.
Love this woman.

Wish she wasn't stuck with that awful plot on 24. :(
"If they knock me off [on 24]," Katee says. "I'll be OK. There's always Caprica! I could go to Caprica."

Uh, how? As her own grandmother?
Starbuck loves Buffy? Amazing, my two favorite girls.
She could be made an honorary slayer, couldn't she? I'm sure she would have been one of the potentials that got invested if she were in the Buffyverse.

"If they knock me off [on 24]," Katee says. "I'll be OK. There's always Caprica! I could go to Caprica."

Uh, how? As her own grandmother?
hacksaway | February 17, 03:54 CET

She could be a post-finale Starbuck, manifesting in the past. Maybe then they could explain her post-Maelstrom reappearance a wee bit better and who "they" were (she said "they" were waiting for her just before her viper exploded, and presumably "they" were responsible for her resurrection as a tangible eidolon.)
I think the line about her going to go onto Caprica is a very off-the-cuff remark. She's stated to multiple places that she doesn't see herself doing it - but now I'm thinking about it and I honestly think it could work. They would need to make her more Katee and less Starbuck, mess around with some make-up, perhaps a scar here and there, black hair possibly -- you know what? As long as she brings her acting chops, she could literally just walk on herself and be her own grandmother but an entirely new character in herself, the connection to Starbuck wouldn't matter. Like the connections between the Losties: they don't really matter, but its nice to see them.
Kudos Grotesk, I had to Google 'eidolon'. :)

Although I still believe that the best explanation for Kara, Baltar and Caprica Six is the original, Hindu meaning of Avatar: a corporeal manifestation of aspects of the gods. They could be good or evil but most often were a combination of both, walking amongst mortals to either fulfill destinies, or simply to observe.

Knowing that Katee is a Buffy fan is so cool. I hope she finds something more worthy of her talent than 24, which is IMO one of the most overrated shows in the history of ever.
I LOVE 24 but yeah - her plot line is currently in the "I hope it ends really really soon" category (which I know isn't gonna happen.)
Katee owned her Starbuck character -- she tore up every scene she was in. Ripley, Buffy, Starbuck: heroines we can believe in.
She got her own iconic character, so that turned out great!
I reckon that if Katee did somehow reality jump into Buffy, she'd just spend the whole time getting drunk with Spike. :)
I'm a big 24 fan from all the way back to season one and have often made excuses for some of the poorer writing decisions on the show but even I have issues with Katee's storyline. I had really high hopes when I heard she was joining 24 because that girl can seriously act but from her second episode they had written her into an almost if not entirely dead-end story arc that can only result in her dismissal. That means little or no chance of her return if the show is renewed for another season. Just seems a shame to have such a great actress stuck with such a limited storyline.

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