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February 16 2010

IF magazine interviews Mark Sheppard, Part 1. "One reason Sterling shows up so often is that hes played by Mark A. Sheppard, who has become one of the kings of genre television acting, with recurring roles not only on Leverage, but also on Dollhouse, Supernatural, Firefly, and BSG, to name but a few."

That's a very good interview-loved reading his take on the character and the Leverage writers. I adore Mark's Sterling. I hope he sticks around for many more episodes. And just for the record, I'd totally follow any spin-off for his character.
Sterling is the good guy? That thought had never occurred to me.
Yeah, he really is. But of course, Team Leverage doesn't see him that way, so the viewers don't either.

Look at it this way: If Ats had been told from Wolfram & Hart's POV, Lindsey and Lilah would have been super-hero-lawyers and Team Angel would have been those night-stalking trouble-makers.
Mark is impressive l'm down with his Sterling character playing off Timothy Hutton's Nate. lt makes the show more exciting.
The season finale was utterly magnificent, you guys. It rivels Angel's season 3 ending.

Wish this thread was spoiler-tagged.

Mark was awesome and so was Christian.

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