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"Three months of this. And he dusts our only lead."
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February 16 2010

More from the official Dollhouse auction. Lots of clothing this time, plus a few cool props.

Okay, now nobody else bid on that writer's chair back so I can continue to afford it.
Darn, did I miss the end of the last auction? There was something I was going to go for.
According to Victor's military files, he's 8 months younger than Topher, and he must've been a sergeant at the age of no more than 23.

Of course, the paperwork is dated 1995, only fourteen years after his BIRTH DATE. He was a sergeant at fourteen? Someone didn't do the math...?
He was a sergeant at fourteen?

He's very talented and, uh, mature for his age.
Have they sold Reed Diamond's kitten suit yet?
I love to see this stuff and I think I shall bid on something, yes, I shall!
I came this close to buying the Briar Rose book. Would have been cool to have.
I can hear those earpieces and usb drives calling to me! *o*
Damn you, my non-existent international credit card.
Hello Dollhouse-ey goodness, talk about an eye orgasm.
Have they sold Reed Diamond's kitten suit yet?

The only thing belonging to Reed they've sold so far is the back of his cast chair with his name on it. And some NSA stuff but not directly related to him.
Aww, they already sold the back of Reed's cast chair? Not that I had any plans of buying it, I just like looking at the eBay pictures. I seemed to have missed that part of the auction. lol (And hi everybody! I've been lurking around the site since 2008. :D)
It took me so long to figure out what kitten suit meant. And finally, if ever there's a Whedon fan meeting immediately after yoga we know what brands at least the women were wearing.

(Also it seems like they finally switched Boyd to tailored suits though I just wonder if they might not have complete information on the clothing and are just making stuff up.)

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