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"People were fighting on me"
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February 18 2010

Alyson Hannigan-Denisof does hour of power with Kyle and Jackie O. Aly talks about that pesky death rumour, her dog trying to get in the tub during Satyana's birth, knowing NPH since the Doogie days, and more!

Aly's part only goes for the first half of the clip

I thought Kyle had been fired. I hate that guy.
Controversy brings ratings. He didn't even do his homework enough to know Aly was married and had a kid.
Nice interview with aly, she is very professional and friendly, despite the half-witted remarks of Kyle.
Ah, Kyle, the scourge of Australian air-waves.

Aly was wonderful as always. :)
Damnit, a local interview and I can't listen :( even Aly can't make up for the spew of Kylie and Jacki O. Hearing their voices makes my skin crawl. Good on Aly for putting up with it.
As a fellow Australian, I for one would like to apologise to the world and Aly... We're not all like Kyle(Some are like Jakie-O though, which is nice!), and it pains me that Aly had to talk to him. If this interview is anyone's first time with something Aussie... I'm sorry. We're not bad people, really...
Er, what's this pesky death rumor? (Can't listen from work.)
Apparently she was meant to do an interview with Scott Dools as well, does anyone know if that can be downloaded? He is much, much less of a douche than these two morons.

- Toppers
Right that's enough name calling. If we could focus on the actual interview it would be appreciated. And also we don't sign our posts here, your name at the bottom of your post takes care of that for you.
I presume by Scott Dools you mean Merrick, Dools, and Ricki Lee? Couldn't find any reference to an interview on their website.

The death rumour was back in the Buffy days, when apparently a Buffy blog posted she had died in a car accident, and because her beeper was dead, she didnt have a cell, and no one could reach her, the news ran with the story because the studio couldn't confirm she wasn't dead.
Ohhhh. How very McCartney-esque.

Thanks for the explanation! :)
So to be rumoured dead all that needs to happen is that you don't confirm that you're actually alive these days? Brings a whole new meaning to 'if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it...' I guess!

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