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February 18 2010

Michelle gets down with her bad self. James Vanderbeek posted this candid video of little Dawnie showing off her mad rapping skills. (May be NSFW).

this is possibly the greatest thing to ever come out of twitter
Look it's Dawson Leery and Dawn Summers! This had me laughing hysterically.
:: Blink, blink ::


[Watches again]

Not quite the Natalie Portman SNL vid, but it shows promise. She just needs to embrace her inner hip-hop diva. The mouth-covering girly giggle kinda breaks the street cred, but ups the cuteness factor, so I'll give it a 3.5/10 for accuracy with incompleteness, but an out-of-character bonus of 2, a first-take handicap of 1, and a Tottemo Kawaii!! CuteBoost™ of 3, so that's a final score of 9.5/10*.

*Score does not include VAT (Vanderbeek Attention Tax), license fees or deprecation. Void where inhibited. Discard if inner rapper is broken. Candy coating is not intended to replace a proper rapper and should not be consumed by those with diabetes. Close window before sniping. Apply liberally to affected area. (What?!? Not like that! You Perv!)
Wow. What a G.
That was awesome! Hope he got her permission to post it though.
Cool / dorky / fun. :-)
She actually sounded....good?

She needs a cool rapper name now, Lil' T representin' ;)
Yeah, not up to Portman's high standard, but pretty good for impromptu.
I would have given her so many props if she could have gotten through it without laughing, but it was still awesome.
Damn, I do the same thing as Dawson! You've got to hand the iPhone on its side, dude, or else it looks odd. Oh and Michelle was great - her awesomeness factor is now through the roof.
I think my favorite is how much the driver could not possibly care less.

Aw, who'm I kidding? The whole thing was my favorite.
Dawn Summers AND Dawson Leery?!!
I just fangirl squee'd and everyone in this library hates me right now.
Michelle was really impressive considering it was a first take.
That was adorable.
Mitchie so gangsta.
This makes me want to watch Mercy!
Michelle Trachtenberg is the cutest thing ever! And Dawn said p**sy! Which is also the cutest thing ever.
Yeah - I've heard through the grapevine that she's a totally chill person to work/hang out with (unlike far too many others in the biz.)
Too hilarious for words!!! XDD She's so adorkable it hurts
Haha... Awesome girl! You actually pulled it off pretty well... Dr Horrible's rapping side kick anyone? Or that slot is probably taken by Moist... Oh, who cares, he can have 2 side kicks... :D
Djungelurban, I like the way you think. DH2, Michelle is ready...

And also? A. Door. Able.
Daddy like!

Oh! Oh, no! Daddy no— I wasn’t— when I was looking, I wasn’t… oh, god!
And on the 18th day of Febrarius, in the year MMX, Western Civilization ended thus.
Septimus: Right there with you, buddy.
That's a Robin Thicke song? He always slipped my mind and/or I always thought it was a woman given the name until this New Year's... I find it annoying I actually sorta dig this part of the song though. Mostly "I'm a ninja! Cow-a-bunga time."
Hmm. While I'm not quite sure what to think about the video, I have this much to say for sure beats mid-Season 6.

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