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February 19 2010

Morena Baccarin and Julie Benz get nominated for the 36th Saturn Awards. They both feature in the "Best Supporting Actress in Television" category.

No Olivia Williams? For shame.

And no Enver or Fran--disappointing.

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JAYROCK - I'll assume you aren't saying Fran and Enver should be nominated in the above-mentioned "Best Supporting Actress" category :). Sorry, it's early and I'm being semantically/grammatically whimsical.

There are some great noms, though in many of the categories. Well chosen, by and large. Good to see Gina Bellman, David Tennant, Bernard Cribbins, Michael C. Hall, Aldis Hodge, Michael Emerson, and Zach Levi getting some love as well as, of course, our delightful and deserving Jossian actresses.
Heh, wow, television category is tough this year. Golden Era of TV! Haven't seen Julie Benz on Dexter yet, but Morena is appropriately creepy on V. :)
There were a lot of good nominations this year. I'd hate to be on that judging commitee.
Once again, as has happened a lot in recent years, I find myself more interested in the Saturn Awards than the Academy Awards.
what the hell? X-men Origins, Knowing, and Transformers 2 ahead of District 9 in best SF film category?
Guardian, I think District 9 is listed in the Foreign Film section.
Guardian_Owl, no kidding. They got Moon on there, so that should make a lotta people happy (haven't seen it yet), but District 9 is a glaring omission, especially with what they selected as alternatives. Ohhh, I see, I just scrolled down, they've placed it under "Best International Film". Bullshit. Neill Blomkamp got nods in the Director and Writer sections, at least.

I think Mark Pellegrino's good (remember him better as Rita's asshole ex-husband Paul on Dexter), but he's been in maybe 8 tiny scenes total across two episodes of Lost (the Season 5 finale and Season 6 premiere) as Jacob. I don't think he's made much of an impression yet, not enough to get nominated for anything.

I'd replace Transformers 2 and the Wolverine movie with...I dunno, what else sci-fi came out this year ? Pandorum, I'd place Pandorum in there. It'd lose to the other titles in there, but it was more enjoyable than Wolverine (I had fun with TF2, especially with them introducing more elements from the original cartoon, but it's not a great film and it had some ridiculously stupid new characters/"characters").

Also, their categorization in the "Fantasy Film" section makes no sense. Watchmen is undeniably sci-fi, Avatar was presented as such (room for debate, I suppose, if you don't buy into some of the close-to-nature/Ferngully-like plant-and-animal-connecitveness, but hey, fibre optics. And near-telepathy/mind-links are considered sci-fi when they're done on Star Trek, so why not in Avatar? Actually, bad example, Ferngully was more in the fantasy vein with all the magic and whatnot).
Thanks for the link. I didn't realize Pontypool was out on DVD.
Congratulations to Morena and Julie! Always nice to see more noms for Whedon alumni.

I'm a little confused about the TV nominations, though. I thought this was a Scifi/Fantasy award? I don't see what Breaking Bad, The Closer, or Leverage have that's scifi. Even Dexter is kind of iffy, although I haven't seen it since S1 so I guess Dexter could've turned into a vampire... And oh my god The Tudors? Be real. A "based on" fictional version does not a fantasy make. Unless they're putting it in the scifi category -- time travel? ;) Sorry, [/end rant].

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