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February 19 2010

Several Whedonverse Characters are TV's Cutest Geeks. This list from Buddy TV includes Fred (or is that Dr. Saunders?), Willow, and Bennett among the cutest geeks on TV.

Yeah, Jelly, you're right. The words say Fred, but the picture is Claire Saunders. Seriously, how difficult is it to find publicity stills of an actress from the THREE SEASONS she was on a major-network television show?!

Also, why is it that "Willow" is not given a last name? A few seconds on Wikipedia is all it takes to add the "Rosenberg," even if you've never seen the show. (And it's a pity "The Guild" has never been on TV...Cyd Sherman would be on there!)
What offended me most was this:

Even with a ... brain that rivals any super genius, Bennett was still able to bewitch any man...

How exactly is a super genius brain a handicap when talking about bewitching a man?
I guess some men can't handle a woman that's smarter than them!
Another gripe I feel I need to add is the schism between showing a very not Willowy picture of Alyson Hannigan while describing Willow as a "cute little overall-wearing...dork." And again the mention that she "still manages" to get a cute boyfriend.
Please don't throw men under the bus because of a really hastily thrown together, not particularly well thought-out article. :)

Personally, I kind of feel that this author didn't watch the shows, just took references they knew of. I mean each one of the Whedon entries is wrong in one way or another.
InevitableTraitor, don't forget Willow also got a very cute girlfriend. Tara, that is. Kennedy? Not so cute.
No mention of Glee's Rachel? Disgraceful.

Agree with there Whedon picks though, even if they do get their facts muddled up. Having said that, I would probably choose River over Bennett. Guess Bennett just wasn't quite wacky enough for me.
How come we never see geek guy lists like this?
How exactly is a super genius brain a handicap when talking about bewitching a man?

Did someone call for a Devil's Advocate? I'm going to go with a genius brain stereotypically leads people to assume social awkwardness (such as is sometimes a symptom of an autism spectrum disorder like Asperger's, which I still feel this particular character may have had) or a disregard for one's personal appearance/hygiene due to laser like focus on their chosen field. What do I win?!
zeitgeist: Congrats, man! You win a one-year supply of Rice-a-Rooney! (The San Fernando treat.) Just contact their offices to arrange delivery.
ShanshuBugaboo: While it's not exactly equivalent, The Park Bench has a "Nerd Man of the Month" list - scroll down a bit, it's in the left column. Lots of Whedony choices there too.
There is a geek guy list
Umm, I always thought that *was* a Willow shot. Live'n'loin.
I can understand that, zeitgesit, but it's the social awkwardness that's the handicap, not the brain. It just bugs me that even on a list that supposedly celebrating the more intelligent women, they're still saying that they're attractive in spite of the brains when, in reality, a good chunk of the attractiveness is because of it. I just don't see a need to perpetuate the myth that being an intelligent woman is somehow bad.
They ARE bad because they'll inevitably lead to ... badness. For evidence I submit this poll list poll wherein it's clearly implied that brainy women are bad. QED.

edited cos it's not a poll. Though someone must've been polled, even if it's just the list compiler, so kind of a poll. In fact, NOT edited. Hah, in your face me !

[ edited by Saje on 2010-02-21 09:07 ]
JMaloney: Well-put.

Saje: So it was a non-edit edit, then? :)
Or possibly a non-non edit edit. All I know is, I didn't like either it or my slightly aggressive tone at the end there and am now not talking to myself.

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