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November 08 2003

Ira Glass, one of us The presenter of "This American Life" on NPR is a Buffy and Angel fan, it seems. He credits his girlfriend with introducing him not only to ME shows but also Gilmore Girls and Smallville.

Only Ira Glass could compare the fear of becoming a fan of Angel the Series with the thought of going to Israel. He also insinuates missing Joan of Arcadia is an Act Of God kind of thing. Not me. I saw the first episode, and purposefully skip the rest of them. Except once recently. I caught a bit of it while channel jumping, because Mary Steenburgen's hot. However, my problem with Joan is a similar problem to many tv shows in recent years. It's a standard family drama with a gimmick. This time the gimmick is God showing up at random intervals as any actor they can get their hands on that week.

I'd rather read a fan fiction crossover where Ira Glass and the gang over at This American Life interview a cheerleading trophy which claims to be Buffy Summer's arch nemesis. sez.. ess. esses... seez..
Where have you been? We've missed you!
The man is an anti-cliche: always very interesting regardless of the subject at hand.
Where've I been? What do you mean? I haven't been anywhere. Still where I've been for years, spinning my wheels. Just don't spend quite as much time online as I used to. Work's been picking up, is all. =) If I could pay my bills by posting here I would post here forty hours a week. However, that's not quite how life works, is it? I can only seem to get paid for doing things I don't enjoy. No one pays me to write.

Also, although I'm often guilty of talking just to hear myself talk, I do try to only post when I have something pertinent (or impertinent) to say. It's nice to know I have been missed though. Even if I didn't go anywhere. It's a sweet sentiment.

...I wonder which character is Ira's favorite?
In that last paragraph, he sounds just like Joss!
I actually have really been enjoying "Joan of Arcadia" and it has gotten quite good. I really enjoyed his comments on Smallvile, which I watch and I agree with him has been lacking this season. Did anyone catch the last episode where Clark has memories of his father back in like the early sixties, having an affair with Lana's aunt, and both he and Lana look exactly like their relatives. This episode bothered me because it seemed to be ripping off Buffy's, "I only have eyes for you". It's about two star crossed lovers back in a more innocent time, and guess what song they play? The major comparison in my mind is this, Buffy and Angel in the present couldn't be together because of various reasons (like Angel being evil although temporarily) so the writer's develop a clever plan where they can have Buffy and Angel in a romantic moment where they can confront their feelings and kiss and dance to a romantic song but still go on with the current storyline. On Smallville, Clark and Lana can't be together because Clark is dealing with his issues of losing control over himself and having had become evil (although temorarily) yet the writers develop a clever plan where they can have Buffy and Angel - oh wait, I mean Clark and Lana in a romantic moment where they can confront their feelings and kiss and dance to a romantic (and also the same song) but still go on with the current storyline.

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