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February 19 2010

Two more Dr. Horrible 8bits from Doctor Octoroc. The main link goes to "My Eyes", but here's "So They Say".

I seriously got goosebumps from "So They Say."
SO COOL! I hope he makes one for Freeze Ray!
My favorite is still "Everything You Ever", probably because of how it sounds like a depressed version of an actual NES video game level, and then the end sounds like a boss theme.
There seriously needs to be a Dr. Horrible game to with all this music.
That would be the coolest thing in the history of ever.
It makes me want to go play Strider.

btw, Im new. I wasn't sure how to break the ice since everybody here seems to know each other.
Welcome darua!

These are so cool. I like how they manage to differentiate all the parts in "So They Say"--amazing! And it's neat how well they work with Dr. H's low-tech internet aesthetic.
I can imagine "My Eyes" in a game level as well, but considering how long some game levels are and how repetitive some songs used to get if you were stuck in one for a while, with it looping on and on, I don't think "My Eyes" has much staying-power/potential-to-be-not-so-annoying in 8-bit form.

"So They Say" sounded cute (although the...pitch, I guess...of certain lines-translated-into-beeps didn't match up with what I was hearing of the original songs in my head).

I so want a squat-character'd, MegaMan-style game of Dr. Horrible. It would line up well, what with Billy's various guns. Devices to control random vans on the street. Supporting characters/other playables such as Moist.
This is awesome. I've known "Doctor Octoroc" since 1993 and have been his roommate for 4 years. I just called him and told him about the site mention.

He's all sorts of crazy talented. He also makes Bead Sprites using mostly Perler Beads of 8 Bit video games.

Thanks Taaroko!

I cannot wait to see the full flash animation.
That was rather awesome.
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Welcome, darua! Feel free to jump right in to the discussions.

I'm really loving these 8-bit beauties. Now I'm going to have digitized Horrible tunes stuck in my head all day.
CrazyKid - if you think you have it in your head, imagine how i feel! (He creates a lot of his art/music in our living room) He (Octoroc) has other albums out, including one called 8-Bit Jesus which is as he puts it "Classic Christmas Songs in the style of Classic NES Games."

I'm new also, but i've been trying to get an account on here for at least over a year and was shocked when i was allowed to today. Best.Day.Ever.

(not to be confused with ""Dear Diary, today I was pompous and my sister was crazy. Today we were kidnapped by hill folk never to be seen again. It was the best day ever." )
Welcome aboard to all of our totally awesome new members, it's good to have you with us!
I've had these in my head since I heard the first one (but that hasn't started driving me nuts yet, so it's a good thing). They inspired me to buy a keychain that makes the sound effects from the original Super Mario Bros. game. I can now gleefully bounce around my dormroom whilst hitting the button that does the jump noise.
Taaroko - i wouldnt say it's driving me nuts per say, but i'm more into industrial/ebm than chiptunes. Levi (Octoroc) gave me a free copy of 8-Bit Jesus which i proudly have on my Ipod. Randomly i'll come out of my room (rare and random) and he'll be like "did i play you this yet?" and then he proceeds to play me something awesome.

The keychain sounds incredible... where did you get it? Now i cant get the jump sound out of my head.
*grin* I got it at Hot Topic, where it was positioned dangerously close to the New Moon merchandise. Which resulted in my purchasing one of those "And then Buffy staked Edward. The End." shirts while I was at it.
Or... and then Illyria teleported into the hell dimension that is Twilight and killed everyone. Including the ice cream truck.

Because Amy Acker is really THAT good.
Archeim - Best. Comment. Ever!! :D
These two are pretty awesome, but "Everything You Ever" is still my favorite.

However, when he gets around to posting "Brand New Day" I may have a heart attack. Which would be surprising, at 26...
I know, I'm way psyched for "Brand New Day" too.
These are amazing. I can't wait to see the finished animation -- what an awesome idea for a project.
Long time lurker, first time poster (and brand new member). I love these tracks! They prompted me to go back and watch Dr. Horrible again prior to posting. Now I want to listen to Commentary! The Musical, but the dvd is on loan to a friend right now. I COULD download it from iTunes, but would that be fiscally responsible? Sorry, OT. I'm looking forward to the rest of these and the animation as well. Thanks, Doctor Octoroc!
These are amazing. I can't wait to see the whole thing!
I didnt see levi (Octoroc) for the day because other than picking my car up from the shop i didnt leave my room much. He's probably sleeping now, otherwise i'd knock on his door. then again... it is 3 in the morning here.

he posted on facebook that Maurissa tweeted about the remixes, which then felicia tweeted about the remixes. So all in all, i think he's rather happy at the moment.

I told him great... my roommate is eventually going to be worshipped as a geek god.

Lyria - I loved Angel (the show) so much, and i thought that Amy Acker was an amazing and gorgeous actress... and then they brought Illirya into the mix and my jaw dropped from how freaking more awesome the show got. Not to mention there was a specific scene in dollhouse with Saunders and Topher where both of them did some of the best acting i think i ever seen.
I just had a geekgasm at the awesomeness of this. Mo and Felicia tweeted this right after I had found it, and I spazzed out again. I swear the Whedonverse and fandom is gonna make me a permanent crazy spaz.

(And hi everyone! I've been a lurker for years and once again spazzed out when I saw on twitter that I could sign up here! I've waited years for this, and I'm crazy super duper excited to finally be able to comment.)

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