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"We totally Shadowcatted! Chase is gona be so jealous!"
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February 19 2010

What if Joss was in the BtVS comic? Some Comics Alliance silliness, envisioning what various comics would be like if their creators added themselves to the stories. Scroll down for Mr. Whedon.

Joss meets Mal in a bar - what happens?
Twilight pulls off his mask to reveal... 1990s stock press image Joss!
How about Joss as a puppet in 'Smile Time'?
RE: Gossi

Joss meets Mal in a bar and asks him to star in his highly anticipated internet musical as a charming yet douchy hero with a few prominent phallic themes attached.
I think they'd probably argue. Politely. Then Mal would hit something.
The Alan Moore one at the bottom was a really nice touch.
But Joss has already been in the Buffy comic.
And a cameo in Spike:Shadow puppets.
nah. TV was much better.

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