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February 19 2010

Happy Birthday Anthony Head! He turns 56 today.

I wish him much more success, songs for us with his unique voice and very many chocolate chips!
Happy Birthday, ASH!
Wasn't he 43 when he was cast as Giles?
Happy birthday! :)
Happy birthday!!!
Loved you in Repo.
Happy Birthday! Much success in the future!
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday old chap. :)
Happy birthday to a very gracious, compassionate man. I remember MCB like it was yesterday.
Happy Birthday to the actor who proved that men, too, can rock Sexy Librarian. Flash insight: Topher thinks you're hot!

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Happy Birthday! :)
Happy Birthday, Tony! :)
As far as men over 50 go...he's HOT!! as far as men in general go...he's HOT!! Happy birthday to a hilarious, talented and crazy beautiful man!!
Happy birthday :D
Happy birthday ripper
Happy birthday! :3
In honour of the occasion, here's a link* to Anthony playing Sweet Transvestite for those who haven't heard it. It's thoroughly glorious, plus it could redefine how you think of Giles forever.

Happy Birthday!

*there are a few other versions knocking around on YouTube including videos for anyone interested, but this one just happened to be the highest quality sound plus OMG that album art..
Many happy returns!
Ooooh I have got to find that at work...too paranoid to click many places here at home.

*adds happy b-day wishes*

he ages well.
Happy birthday, ASH!

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