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February 19 2010

Firefly lands #23 spot in IGN's Top 25 Blu-ray Releases. Serenity, oddly, does not appear - maybe they thought that by including Firefly they were adding it by extension.

I suppose they kind of are. Still, I wouldn't mind seeing it take up two spot in the top 25.
It's interesting they did not add Serenity, because it's by far one of the more beautiful transfers I've seen. I'm also a bit surprised not to see Australia on the list, because that movie looks absolutely stunning on BluRay.

But overall, it's a very nice list!
Another factor might be the fact that they added some extras to the blu-ray whereas I think Serenity on blu-ray is effectively the same as the collector's edition of the DVD. (I still long for the day they really make use of the blu-ray space though and have a commentary for every episode. Futurama and maybe The Simpsons do it!)

Or maybe they're also factoring in the sheer value of a TV show vs. buying an equivalent amount of time in movies.
I'm happy for Firefly, but also very sad.

Whenever I hear something Firefly related it just makes me think about how good it is and how good it could of gotten given a chance, I guess this Blu Ray and Serenity helped heal the wounds Fox created a little.
Strange, especially since I heard that the Firefly transfer is not very high quality. And Serenity totally rocks.
orangewaxlion, the Serenity Blu-ray does in fact include several exclusive features that can only be found on that release - the Joss+cast commentary made for the CE now appears in PiP form, and there are several other PiP features - one where making-of vids pop up during related scenes, one called Digital Tour of Serenity that has schematics and vids of our favourite 10th character, and Mr Universe's Compendium, which gives you a load of information on various aspects of the 'Verse. One especially nice surprise from the Compendium - you remember that mug-shot-type video of Mal that the Operative was looking at? They did those for most of the cast, and they appear for the first time (AFAIK) in the Compendium. Srsly, go get that Blu-ray.

a stranger in my place, it's true that the Firefly Blu-ray transfer isn't the best, especially due to the fact that any sequence with any kind of CGI appears as upscaled SD footage, but the CGI-less scenes from 35mm film still look very nice, and overall it still beats the DVD's transfer in every way. Additionally, the DVD's audio is lossy Dolby Digital 2.0, while the Blu-ray was upgraded to 5.1 DTS-HD Lossless Master Audio (I love writing that full name out, it sounds so epic), so it's not just better picture you're paying for.

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