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February 20 2010

Battle of the Fox Hotties. Echo is currently losing--let's vote her up! Also Seeley Booth is in Round 3 of the men's version.

Battle of the FOX Hotties sounds like a show FOX would actually make.
Haha!! nice Ashley...they'd probably cancel it right before the final showdown!!
And Eliza is losing to someone from Fringe? if it's not joshua Jackson then it's just not true!!!
And just a note if you haven't noticed, David's in the running in the men's section(If you click Battle of the Hotties link after the Show > part) if anyone is interested in supporting the other alumnis!
Or if you like Bones in general...that's a good reason too...
here's the link from Wolfspride's post...
Thanks Blueskies...shoulda done that.
No's how I roll homie...(imagine that said in a girly irish accent and you'll laugh til you cry!!)
I added the men's poll to then entry. Booth is losing!
I found it hard to choose between 13 and Bones, and Angela and Cameron. I went for Bones and Angela. It was no contest between Echo and Olivia. Echo all thee way. ;)
lt must be a brains with beauty over just hotness thing, else how would 13 and Echo be losing.
Wouldn't Echo be losing because no one was watching Dollhouse anyway? Fringe doesn't have a ratings problem, right? It's a choice between Dunham and some chick from that cancelled show that they never watched on Friday night. Not quite a fair fight - and Echo's pretty close.
How are 13 and Echo losing? To Olivia Dunham, no less.
I cannot figure out how Anna Torv would even compare to Eliza Dushku...
Anna Torv is actually really pretty. . She recently did a sexy photo shoot (Maxim i think?) and she looked fantastic.

As far as their TV show counterparts go I think they try to make Torv a little plain Jane, so it might not come across to well.

But Dushku is very pretty and I've had a major girl crush on her for years now so she got my vote.
If Torv was put up against anyone else she would have won for me.
How on earth is Booth losing to Dr Chase? How is Echo Losing to some Fringe person? Also how the heck did Victor lose in the first round... so many questions, I think I hurt my brain trying to understand
David Boreanaz has always been the most beautiful man alive in my opinion. It makes me sad to see him so far behind the House guy.
Is 13 similar to 7of9?
Whiskey should be on that list.
You see, the thing real life I do prefer Eliza Dushku to Anna Torv. (Not that choosing between the two would be the worst dilemma).

BUT Olivia Dunham is hotter than Echo. Olivia's real and she somehow manages to make sensible shoes and warm coats worn over a jaded expression somehow seem really hot. Hotter even then Echo's minis and motorbikes.

So if it was Anna Vs. Eliza, I'd reluctantly give my vote to Eliza, just as I reluctantly did give my vote to Olivia over Echo.

If it makes anyone less angry, I would have happily voted for Adelle over either of them.
Cam, Cam, Cam, Cam, Cam. Cam. That is all.
Gordon Ramsey for me.
The most be something from with fandoms today since all my faves are loosing. Echo, women of Bones and Booth are all loosing. Can how this be?
Strange how Amy Acker isn't on the list. Also, I thought Fringe was history, guess not.
Echo is getting creamed by Olivia. People must be picking brains over beauty, because most people would probably think Echo is 100x as pretty.

Although I think they both are.
Eye of the beholder.
There's no denying Joss finds the pretties. But I'm wondering - if we'd seen Nathan, Christina, Anthony, David or any of the others in something other than a Joss show first, would we find them as nummy? Or does their appeal have a lot to do with how we fell in love with the characters Our Purple Majesty created?
Well, it has something to do with it, no doubt. But they'd still be good-looking with or without Joss casting them and even before I knew much about their characters on whichever Whedon show I saw them first, they were still attractive people (when, out of the blue, I saw the first BBC promos for Buffy I thought - roughly - "That looks funny and kinda cool. And also, that blonde girl isn't exactly hard on the eyes" i.e. SMG was part of the reason I watched in the first place).
Well Tony become a sex symbol as a result of that coffee ad.
Anyone else wondering about the logic of having a fan poll involving a tv show that has finished it's run ... oh well, life at Fox.
Quite surprised about the lack of Anna Torv appreciation here. I get the Eliza support (in fact of the two Eliza is just ahead in the hotness stakes for me which is why I voted her way... obviously) but that isn't to say that I'd exactly call Anna unattractive. I prefer girls with dark hair, simple as that.

Fringe looks a safe bet for a third season according to most of those in the know. Very pleased about that as it is easily my favourite new U.S. series of the past three years or so.
Weirdly, I managed to vote for the loser in all of the groups.

To be honest, outside of Dollhouse and Glee, I don't watch any of the other shows, so had to go solely on the pictures being presented. I'm guessing that woman from Fringe doesn't look so grumpy normally, particularly if she is able to beat the gorgeous (looks and personality) Eliza Dushku in one of the these polls.
I feel that Anna Torv's character in Fringe might as well be a Doll. She lacks ANY personality. This coming from the first season though, I have yet to watch the second.

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