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February 21 2010

The Ghost Writer featuring Olivia Williams now playing in New York and Los Angeles. It will be playing in other major US cities February 26.

I didn't realize Olivia Williams was in this. That makes me a bit regretful I won't be going to see it...but only a bit.
Saw it on Friday, good stuff. A little slow to start, but very suspenseful and the score is wonderful. Olivia Williams kind of steals the show (Would we expect anything less?).
And SATC's Kim Catrall playing the icy brit attache? Hee
To me, she will always be the mom in Ice Princess.
Oh fun, I'll get to see this while I'm in LA next week! I'm also planning to see Nick Brendon's play... can anyone suggest other things I shouldn't miss next week?
Kim Catrall is a LOT more than the mom in Ice Princess. Ask HBO.
But I am hoping this movie comes to Sacto soon. Pierce Brosnan is also in this movie, too.
The Ghostwriter got a rave review on NPR (National Public Radio) All Things Considered. It was described as a political thriller. The reviewer also panned Shutter Island.
I think it's called The Ghost in the UK. Cracking book btw. As was Fatherland but the movie adaptation of that didn't turn out so good.
Yeah it's 'The Ghost' over here, didn't realise this film was based on that. Not read it but I may do on the strength of 'Fatherland' and 'Enigma', both of which I quite enjoyed (the film adaptation of 'Enigma' was a fair bit better than the film of 'Fatherland' though).
Hmmm... It looks pretty good, but I'm actually a bit leery of supporting anything by Roman Polanski after the who pedophilia bit.
There's no denying Polanski's immense filmmaking skills. His last few films have been pretty great.
You can read her name on the poster. :)
Most of the moviegoers asked for "Ghost Whisperer" or "Ghost Rider", when they were buying tickets at my theatre. ^^
Where is the list of cities it will be playing in on the 26th? I really want to see this one.
Considering the good press, award circuit wins and Polanski's own press (as in any is good :< ), hopefully it will mean more and larger roles for Ms. Williams. I am happy for her!
excel: You're not alone.
@jesse: I'd keep an eye on the film site (URL link above), I'm sure they will post a list of theaters the week of the 26th. For indie film bookings, most theaters confirm the Monday prior, so lists of theaters don't come together until the last minute on opening week.
For me Polanski's involvement in a film is still an appealing thing, since he tends to make amazing movies.

I think it's called The Ghost in the UK. Cracking book btw. As was Fatherland but the movie adaptation of that didn't turn out so good.

Did you like Harris historical novels too Simon? I like them a bit better and was actually a bit dissapointed at first when the Pompeii film fell through and was replaced by the Ghost movie. Now that Olivia is in it, I'm glad about the way things developed though.
I haven't read Harris' most recent historical novel but I did enjoy Pompeii and Enigma a lot. My copy of Fatherland is signed by him from what I recall. I adore alternate history and his novel is up among the greats of that genre.

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