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February 21 2010

Happy Birthday Dichen Lachman! Raise a glass for one of the most recent additions to the Verse.

She turns 28 today.

Happy Birthday, Dichen Lachman!
Woo hoo, Happy Birthday!
Darn, I was just gonna post this. You beat me.

Anyway, happy birthday Dichen!
Happy Birthday, Dichen! :D
Happy Birthday! Definetly a fine addition to the Whedonverse cast.
Happy Birthday! :)
Happy birthday Dichen! Love her in Dollhouse. She is one of the MANY underestimated actors in the Whedonverse.
Happy Birthday, Dichen!
Hope you are enjoying it!
Please tweet. You've been quiet.
Happy birthday, Dichen! My friends and I were just admiring your beauty and talent today during our Dollhouse marathon :)
Happy birthday, Dichen!
Happy birthday, Dichen! I hope you are in a ton more roles very soon.
Happy birthday,Dichen! Hope you return to TV soon!
Happy Birthday Dichen! Very glad for your addition to the JossVerse.
Happy Birthday, Dichen! Hope we see you gracing our screens again very soon. I'll follow you anywhere short of CSI Miami.
Happy birthday, Dichen!
Best Wishes Dichen, have a lovely day :)
Happy Birthday, Dichen! Looking forward to seeing you in Houston in March.
Happy Birthday, Dichen!
A little late but happy belated birthday. I hope you got ridiculously inebriated and did many bad things that you will come to fondly regret.

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