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February 21 2010

Dollhouse Epitaph Two: The Return - alternate endings. Umpteen send-ups of the final Paul/Echo scene.

"You. Called. Me. FAT!"
Thanks a mill, Simon. I needed a good laugh.
Ha loved it. Scene begs so many questions.
"What if we break up?" lol I totally thought about that in the moment, and suddenly this wasn't so romantic anymore.
What's the song? I meant to ask that when the episode aired.
Simon: Lissie, Everywhere I Go.
Very cute parody.
This is made with love. Awesome.
Haha, very cute. Now I want to see a flash-forward to Paul's inevitable boredom in there, while Echo's consciousness is off interacting with the outside world... I see him getting stuck playing croquet with Terry or something.
haha, very nice. Good parody .
he wont be bored there was that whole personality that was programmed to assassinate him.
Great parody.

"Embrace your inner hooker"
i just burst into laugh there
I just thought, if that was the Paul that was in Alphas brain, then he won't remember his time with Echo from the past 10 years or saying to Echo about her letting him in. Hmm.

Anyway, great vid. I was also wondering what'd happen if they broke up.
The entire Lissie e.p. is excellent and a full lenght album should follow later this year. As for the video clip it was funny plus cutest Echo ever !
This is very clever and funny, because heaven knows I thought it was weird to 'let him in' in such a way....
Love it love it love it. :)
It was really funny and adressed some of my questions.
I liked the ending of Dollhouse but have to admit this is pretty funny.
This is win. Nothing much else to say about it.

Linnea1928, thanks for the song. It made me think of the end of Dollhouse, which almost made me cry... It was the first Whedon show I had seen live, so there's that big emotional connection going on there... Don't judge me.
Wistful sigh.

Great stuff.
Haha, that was awesome. Doesn't quite sate the craving entirely, but it'll have to do.

Have to admit, I was braced for something lame and nerdy. Glad to be wrong. Iíve shown it to four people already who were fans of the show and they all loved it.

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