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February 22 2010

Bizarre TV Deaths. MSN's list includes Buffy's death in "Prophecy Girl".

Drowning is considered bizarre now? Someone should tell Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. ;) I think dying by jumping into a mystical portal thingy and then falling xx feet to solid ground is a bit more bizarre.
Oddly enough that was the most normal death on the show.
Of that list, Buffy's death is the only one I've seen. "Dallas" was the only other show on that list that I've seen any episodes of, and I'll have to plead youthful ignorance (and not having control of the remote) for that one.
How about someone having their body eaten from the inside out by demon germs? Or being shot by the doll/sleeper agent in the middle of an episode? know...a Sunnydale resident dying of natural causes?
I'm not getting the "bizarre" in that death. And the little blurb beneath the picture does nothing to clear up why they feel it is so. Are they saying it's bizarre that she went down there knowing the prophecy indicated she'd die? The inclusion of this, particular, Buffy death on this list seems to be the bizarre part.
JTown said:

I'm not getting the "bizarre" in that death. And the little blurb beneath the picture does nothing to clear up why they feel it is so. Are they saying it's bizarre that she went down there knowing the prophecy indicated she'd die? The inclusion of this, particular, Buffy death on this list seems to be the bizarre part.

This is exactly how I feel, I presumed that they would explain the reason for it being "bizarre" but they didn't, they just seemed to explain how and why she died, which has left me with some serious head scratching issues.
Maybe (and I'm trying to give them the benefit of the doubt) they meant it's bizarre in the context... Given the presence of supernatural bad guys, it IS kind of unexpected that she should die by something as normal as drowning.

And what an odd, awkward picture to choose for the slideshow.
And then there's the unfinished sentence at the end "It's not the first time death came calling..." I wonder if someone didn't intend to include Buffy's second death which is a bit bizarre and got confused.

Or maybe it's bizarre to drown after just having been bitten by a vampire. Being bitten by a vampire on a show about y'know vampires, isn't that strange.
Well I suppose you could argue she did "die" in Nightmares.
What about Fred being murdered from within by Illyria? That's pretty out there...
or Doyle's self-sacrifice...
or, if we're talking about bizarre in terms of show context: Tara or Lindsey...
Or maybe it was just bizarre because the 16 yr old heroine died and then came back to life in the season finale. How often does that happen?
That's a good point. I never looked at it like that before.
I guess it's because her death can come across as an odd plot contrivance. It's sudden, almost arbitrary, self-contained and resolved within the episode and seems to have no direct purpose other than to amp up the drama. And in a way that's true; most of its significance only comes later when we learn about the repercussions.
Eh, I didn't think it was arbitrary, it gave her something new to fight against. While the movie/events prior to the series were like her reluctance to accept her call of duty by season one she's accepted it. At whatever point that prophecy came up though, now she's all the more brave when she steps up with the awareness it could kill her. Even if she gets better.

Also I think they really meant "this isn't the last time" death came calling.
In the context of Buffy, the two most bizarre deaths are the two non-magical ones: Joyce and Tara. Death by magic/creature/curse/demon/etc was downright mundane in Sunnydale.
I'm gonna have to go with Rosalind Shays down the elevator shaft.
That one was always odd to me because I think of dead as dead, not something that gets fixed through CPR.
Wasn't the hype of that episode also that the Master would kill her? Wasn't that why she was afraid of him? And her fears of becoming a vampire- because of what he might do to her?

Because of the 12 episode build to her big face-off with the Master, only for her to drown... does seem odd to me. You get ready for a show-down, but there is none. Not until she's brought back to life. So, yeah, odd.

But the description & the picture do nothing to contribute to the "oddness" of that death.

Side Q (since we're talking about it anyway):

Why did Buffy drown? Was she paralyzed? Mesmerized? What did the Master do to her to keep her from lifting up her head from the water?

Why did it wear off when Xander brought her back to life? I would assume that if it were a paralyzing poison, even after he brought her back to life with CPR, she would still be feeling the effects of it... but she's not. What was up with that bite?

Maybe this is another reason why that death was weird.
I didn't look through the whole list, but I was amused to see The Simpsons Maude Flanders' husband listed as "Ed". Maybe a bit more research would find that there's a missing "N" there.

I have no idea why they consider Buffy's death bizarre, since they don't really give any reason.

For me, it is odd but strong. A friend I showed the episode to hated it, because he felt that Buffy's death and resurrection was a cop-out. I don't know if I agree. I think that there's something wonderful about Buffy facing her own death and only being able to defeat the Master when she's returned from the dead, "stronger" perhaps because she has a connection to vampires now.

Interestingly, Buffy's romance with one vampire really takes off after her first death, and her affair with another vampire really takes off after her second death. (There's, what, a handful of kisses between Buffy and Angel in season one, and one between her and Spike in season five, so the parallel holds.)
I wonder if one of reasons that Buffy's first death is bizarre is that it didn't have an immediate impact on the general storyline. Kendra didn't show up till the middle of Season 2.
"I am the Dark Lord of nightmares, the bringer of terror... Tremble before me! Fear me!"

Willow: "He's so cute."

Xander: "Who's a little fear demon? C'mon, who's a lit-tle fear demon?"

Buffy squishes Gachnar under her foot. Bizarre & Funny. A two-fer.
No making fun of Gachnar! He'll squeak at you! ;)
korkster: Weakned by blood loss? combined wioth the afetreffects of The MAster's spell that he used to drag ehr back to him? And it wore off once he stopped actively casting it?

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