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February 22 2010

(SPOILER) The Guild #1 preview. Courtesy of Comic Book Resources.

Is it all flashbacks or is it between seasons 3 & 4 as well?
For what I've heard in previous Felicia interviews, it's all flashback.
Looks like it's all a prequel to the series. And terribly, horribly depressing, but, like, in a good way I think. Thanks Felicia, I feel fantastic now.
I thought this wouldn't transcend well into comic form, I was wrong. Although it won't be the same without the opening jingle and Felicia's lovely voice *daydreams*
The preview definitely brings out the emo in the story. Looks like it might be good, but not the same as the series. Only real problem I have is that the comic makes Cyd look way too much like my stepdaughter. The pharmacy page especially made me uncomfortable -- in a paternal way.
It's so beautiful. The waiting for release day is even harder now.
God I love The Guild.
Besides the lack of upbeat in the story (which seems correct for Cyd's state of mind), the only problem I had was with her mental image of taking those pills. But that's mostly due to me eating at the moment. *blegh* Poor depressed girl. Cyd & Billy should hook up and destroy the world together.
It actually made me lol.
That's was a bit more depressing than I expected. Looking forward to this though, should be good.

Anyone willing to help me with some technical questions: how many issues are there going to be? And is there going to be a trade paperback?
Season One certainly starts very downbeat (Cyd is jobless, hasn't been out of house in a week, recently broke up with boyfriend who cheated on her...), but the tone is lightened by the comedic presence the actors bring to it. The earliest webcams are pretty depressing, but Felicia adds silly faces, noises and gestures to most of them, which make Cyd more approachable. We'll see how well this translates to the comic medium.

There used to be a funny video on YouTube called something like "Silly Moments As Codex" but it's been removed. (There are still some dead links to it from various other pages, like FaceBook.) It was a compilation of all the moments of physical comedy in the webcams through mid-Season 3. Too bad it's gone. I was hoping it would be updated through the end of Season 3. Maybe it will be back someday.
@the Groosalugg - there will be 3 issues, 2 covers for each. All 6 covers can be seen


I haven't heard of a TPB, probably depends on how well they sell.

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Grrr, trying to make that a clickable link.

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Thanks tonewaugh. In that case I'm going to try and get the singles. I'm not willing to take the risk that a TPB won't end up happening and I will end up missing out on this thing entirely.
Well that was... Grim!

It certainly didn't make me want to read more. Part of the fun of The Guild is that it's, you know, fun....
Cyd on the toilet. Could only be done in comic form.
I wonder if the Apocalypse discussion was a reference to Felicia in Dollhouse. xD How she is in a future Apocalypse, I mean. Did anyone else catch that? Maybe it's just me, being DH obsessed...
Don't forget Buffy Season 7. I would say that Vi had her taste of apocalypse as well.
Yeah, it's a little down, but that's only the first several pages from the first issue. It's not a surprising place for The Guild to start from if you're just keeping Cyd/Codex in mind.

If the covers are at all indicative of the come-togetherness that will follow, with Cyd getting obsessed with the game...things'll brighten up.

The depressing/downer part of Cyd's life is just to contrast with the fun, odd, colorful crazyness that she's about to experience with her Guild team.
Wow, that's basically exactly how I've felt the last couple months worth of symphony rehearsals. Thanks Felicia, for letting the public know how much those things can suck sometimes!
Another personal reference/inside joke is the cover of "Codex" Book 11, which features an oiled medieval dude. That's not a random genre bookcover choice. Felicia has written and spoken at length about such types of bookcovers. (Maybe more than you'd expect from someone who claims to hate them. Aha - maybe she secretly enjoys them!)
It looks like a generic fantasy series though, not a Fabio-modeled-style romance novel cover like what I think you might be alluding to tonewaugh. Cyd's reading Book 12 later in the comic and it has a woman's face on the cover.

Regardless, there's no shame in appreciating oiled medieval dudes (well, there's shame in appreciating real ones maybe, because they're all dead and what would their bones/mummified carcasses be doing with oil all over 'em?).

Having re-read this preview after only skimming it's not really depressing. It's pretty realistic. fuffybaby mentioned relating to the rehearsal scenes, but has no one else here ever been stuck in Cyd's situation, feeling stuck/in a rut during their mid-to-late 20s ? Pretty relatable to me, to be honest (not unhappy like Cyd is depicted, but could definitely do more with my life and sometimes that gets to me as I inch closer to my 30s). Or is that maybe why it seemed horribly depressing to some of you, because it reminded you of where you are or where you used to be in life ?

I know The Guild in web series form was providing more fun and laughs than prompting introspection and providing the unglamorous background of its characters, but I'm fine with it doing both. I welcome it. If I can get various things out of the same entertainment source, I consider it a strength of the film/show/book/comic/franchise.
Well, to answer your question, Kris, mine is the latter. But it might just be how this month is shaping up.

I think Cyd's life is very accurate for the character, and it's a great build-up to the clinging connection each Guild member has later on to the game- it's all they got in the happiness department. (Reminds me of Whedon's World, actually.)

And when that connection is gone, when there's no world to travel to and I'm stuck here... *sigh*
@Kris "Or is that maybe why it seemed horribly depressing to some of you, because it reminded you of where you are or where you used to be in life ?"

Obviously I can only speak for myself, but I found it depressing because I've spent the last ten years living with someone who suffers from chronic depression. It hits a little close to home, and just doesn't seem that entertaining. Ironically Cyd's situation seems more real in comic book form than watching real people in the webisodes....

As for people in their 20's feeling depressed because they're not doing enough with their lives, well, they're not! And that's okay! If you're in your 20's, you can reasonably expect another 50 years to write that novel, direct that movie, compose that song, or whatever you want to do with your life. The inundation of media we have at our modern little fingertips is both a blessing and a curse. More than ever we're exposed to the excesses of celebrity culture and can't help but compare our lives against the unrealistic "norms" we see nearly everywhere.

Be patient. The most important thing you can do in your twenties is figure out what you want to do. Then do it in your thirties and enjoy it in your forties....

Now disengaging "grumpy old man" mode....
I absolutely adored this. I'm a fan of the Guild but always wished it could have delved a bit more deeply into the characters, especially Cyd, in a more realistic way. (It's a wonderfully funny and entertaining series but the humor is exaggerated and doesn't always come from a realistic place.) This comic is the perfect companion to the webisodes. And speaking as a lifelong comic fan who actively dislikes Buffy season 8 and IDW's Angel series, this Guild comic is firing on all cylinders for me. The preview hints at an initially sad story, but nevertheless the "voice" of Cyd is dead-on thanks to Felicia Day taking the reins, and the art was pitch-perfect: evoking Cyd while not slavishly dwelling on Felicia Day's likeness. In fact the art is just wonderful to look at all the way through: clean lines, strong, distinctive faces--a far cry from Buffy season 8, where so many of Jeanty's characters simply look generic to me. Every single character in this preview is recognizable as a distinct person with their own face.

So: Felicia Day nailing Cyd as well she should considering she created her, Jim Rugg providing art that's wonderful to look at, no one is stealing a submarine or robbing Fort Knox, and we're getting a storyline that's poised to add depth to the characters: I'm in. I only hope that the mini sells well enough to become an ongoing, because Cyd has loads of potential as a protagonist: I'm interested in her life outside the Guild. I'm interested in the story of a smart, lovely, talented woman in her twenties battling depression and trying to find her place in the world. I think if people read this comic without ever having seen any of the Guild webisodes, it would pack just as much of a punch--maybe more, in fact.
True, it's very new-reader-friendly, so far, in those first few pages. Always a huge strength in an adaptation comic, at least sales-wise (I do enjoy when work is created specifically for diehard fans too though, like how "Epitaph 2" was created as it was regardless of the fact that tons of viewers hadn't seen "Epitaph 1"). Fray had the same strength, while being within the Buffyverse, it was pretty new-reader friendly.
I've always appreciated the idea of The Guild more than I've really enjoyed the bulk of the webisodes, but I was very impressed by this excerpt - it just seemed a little more grounded in reality which seemed a better fit for both the writing and comedic styles than some of the more OTT performances you get on the show. If the aim of this promo was to get me to check out the book, it succeeded - I'm really keen to see how she introduces the rest of group and if she can keep that level of groundedness going when the story isn't just focussed on Cyd.

In any event, I think this demonstrates FD's writing is developing in the right direction, so Yay!
So the question of who is depicted on the cover of "Codex #11" is settled by the original script pages released by Dark Horse here.

"She's reading a paperback with an oily chested man on the front holding a phallic sword."

These script to thumbnail to pencils to inks to colors to lettered pages are really great. There's an explicit post about that today here on the blog.

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