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February 22 2010

Bruce Timm - "I would jump at the chance to work with Joss on something". The animator and producer tells Newsarama that Joss is "at the top of my list of people that I think would do a great job with these characters". In related genre goodness news that came out today, J. Michael Straczynski describes Buffy as "one of my favorite shows of all time".

Yay! JMS was the creator of my first love, Babylon 5 -- and it's awesome to hear him give props to the first show that surpassed B5 in my affection. He can be prickly and discerning, too, so it's even higher praise.

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JMS' B5 was what got me in to genre TV, which lead me to Buffy.
I love it when my favourite writers express admiration for each other (I smile broadly whenever Joss mentions Wes Anderson). Got to add to the JMS apprecation too.
For me it was DS9 that lead to Buffy (through among other things, the great Armin Shimerman) which I'd guess is the closest thing to coming to Buffy through Babylon 5 possible (except for the actual thing of course). I did still arrive at Babylon 5 a bit later (after watching Buffy) and still loved it.

ETA: Funny you should mention Joss mentioning Wes redders. That can give me goose bumps too (Wes is also one of my favorite filmmakers and Joss... well I've been here for years, that should really say it all).

While writing this post I came across some Wes related news, you might be interested in (and some more people too I'd hope, its not strictly on topic, but I'm so enthoutic about it right now I just have to share, sorry). Anyway, here it is: frequent Anderson collaborator Owen Wilson is going to star in Woody Allen's (another favorite of mine) next movie (alongside Carla Bruni). Sounds promising to me.

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I would love to get J.Michael Straczynski on a Buffy Season 9 arc.

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Bruce Timm is awesome,having either Joss work with him on a DC animated movie(Batman/WonderWoman,ect) or having Bruce work with Joss in his own universe(Fray/Buffy/Spike,ect) would be equally satisfying.
I really love what DC is doing with their line of animated movies. My favorite movies so far have been Wonder Woman/Public enemies and Crisis on two earths.

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The problem with Joss and JMS is that they strike me as "total control" people. They're the kind of showrunners where their staff says, "They have us change things and they're always right." Well, what happens if the two always-right people disagree...?

I say, let 'em run their own universes, and admire each other from a safe distance.
Ah... the good old Mighty Timm!
Yeah... if you could ever get JMS to do the plots and Joss to do the dialogue on some project, multiple fandoms would kill to see it. Not sure it would ever really work, of course, but can you imagine what a Joss show would have been like with a 5 year plan like B5? Not to diss Joss' planning and arcs, which have been mostly fine and downright excellent in some cases, but in JMS' world, the intricate plots make up for so many other failings...
I think Buffy seasons 2 & 5 came close to rivalling JMS' epic plot arcs.
Yeah, B5 was great storytelling. A JMS/JW collaboration could be a good thing... or the worst thing ever.
Anyone who's a Spidey fan should know that meddling in JMS's work is not a good thing. However a collaboration might work.
Love JMS, B5 was my first TV SciFi love (never really got into the various Star Treks).
But a collaboration? The Master and The Great Maker?? Maybe not so much, since as someone pointed out, they're both total control types with very strong feelings about their visions.

But how great to know that JMS is a Buffy fan. There are at least three B5 references in Buffy. Actually, one may be on Angel - the reference to being "unstuck in time". Can anyone place that one?
A Bruce Timm/Joss collaboration would melt my brain with buttery awesomeness.

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