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February 22 2010

Young Jewel Staite in Party Mania... meets alternate reality Spoony. The Spoony Experiment transforms a board game VHS tape featuring a young Jewel Staite (Kaylee) into a comedy sketch, set in an alternate universe.

With science.

This must be what going mad feels like.
that.. was weird.
There are some things that just... I have no words.
When was this made? Jewel was so young.
14 minutes I'll never get back. But, always good to see Jewel.
"you can't take this guy from me."

absurdly coincidental, or sneaky clever?
Wow, that whole video was like a timewarp to 1992.
plasticflowers: According to Spoony's commentary to the sketch, it's an intentional Firefly reference.
Oh, good. Then I don't have to start worrying about delusions of reference.
Wow -- loved that -- a bizarre early '90s adolescent version of Monty Python + John Waters. And Jewel was amazing!
Jewel tweets "Dear Internet; While I agree that I was indeed a precociously adorable child, let's go ahead and bury the PartyMania. Cool? Thx a million."

Maybe someone should dig up that composting rap instead?
Oh. My. Gawd.

I watched the clip. I'm pretty sure I know someone in that game. She is sooooo never going to hear the end of this....
Thanks for posting, that was... the internet.
Jewel appears at 7:00 (ish) for those losing the will to live.

Also, is it disturbing that that guy makes a more convincing teenage girl than he does adult geek?

Edited to add: I assume the blue gloves were an intentional reference too ...

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Further Edited to add: if anyone happened to want to see more Jewel Staite Precocious Childocity, then at about 3:30 might hit the spot.

[ edited by spooforbrains on 2010-02-23 12:40 ]
spooforbrains: The "adult geek" is his Doctor Insano character, an over-the-top hammy supervillain who has appeared numerous times on The Spoony Experiment and Atop the Fourth Wall.
Whoa, spooforbrains, thanks for adding that link! I miss that show so much. Plus the pilot differences are hilarious!

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