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February 22 2010

Literary works that should never be adapted to film or TV again. The AV Club cites Buffy Vs. Dracula as a reason why the novel Dracula should finally be left alone by Hollywood.

Whatever you think of Twilight or True Blood, vampires have clearly come down from their gothic castles, and it's a tough squeeze to put them back. The Buffy The Vampire Slayer episode "Buffy Vs. Dracula," which portrays Dracula as simultaneously alluring and out of step with the times gets it right: We'll always have Dracula, but we donít necessarily need him anymore.

Very interesting insight throughout, and a nice comment on the episode. Although there's a lot happening in that episode, from a strictly Dracula-centric standpoint that's a pretty fair summary.
Respectfully disagree. Dracula the book does not need to be left alone, and neither does Dracula the character. There is a reason both are iconic, yet the best version ever filmed in the English-speaking world is the old Cushing-Lee Hammer version that is not exactly faithful to Stoker's original text. (And don't even talk to me about the Lugosi version. The Spanish-language version that was made at the same time, on the same sets, is far superior.)

What Dracula needs is an actual, faithful adaptation from someone who doesn't feel the need to needlessly change the novel, reinvent the characters to be truer to "modern" outlooks, use the basic storyline as a jumping-off point for social criticism, etc. THAT'S what Dracula needs. And won't get.
Interesting read, but I really believe it depends on the beholder of said book. And, in the same stance, said film or television series. I really don't see the connection.

However, I think Joss could do a wicked "Dracula"! Knowing him, he would scare us out of our wits (and we would come back for more)!

Gosh, I love these discussions.
I might agree in principle, but Dracula is an exception, because "vs. Dracula" has become a recurring theme, almost a joke, in comics, it's been around so long.

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