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February 22 2010

American Cinematographer talks to John Cassaday. About, of course, helming the Dollhouse episode "The Attic". Includes his sketch for the tree.

Nice. If you keep clicking the "next" links in the window that pops up for the images there are storyboards too.
"The Attic" was truly superb.
Great link. Love the behind-the-scenes crafting-of-the-show stuff, eh. And I felt as I was watching that Cassaday definitely brought a distinct visual style to the show. He left his stamp on 'The Attic', to be sure, and it's cool to learn about.
Imprisoned in the Attic, Victor (Enver Gjokaj, left) is forced into a repeating nightmare that pits him against a doppelganger (Gjokaj’s twin brother, Demir, right) in the Afghanistan war.

Wait. Wait just one moment. ENVER HAS A TWIN BROTHER???

Did we know this? Did I fall asleep and miss this memo? Holy crap! I always wondered how they did those scenes. I had figured green screen or something. But this makes much more sense.

Wow. Just wow.

I love Cassaday's work on "The Attic". I'd love to see JMo & Cassaday do a movie together with much more envisioned trees. That would be epic.
"The Attic" may, in fact, be the most visually compelling episode of Dollhouse (although the touches Frakes put on "Belonging" were incredible), and Cassaday obviously deserves the lion's share of credit for that.

And yeah, Joss needs to always hire actors and actresses with twins. Makes the weird off-format eps like "The Replacement" so much easier...
yummm twin episodes! How I love them.
sasburgerr broke the ice, so now it's safe to chime in on perving over twins-on-TV.

Yeah, I know, I know--keep that shit to yourself. But c'mon--two Victors!

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You did fall asleep and miss the memo, korkster. Or, if not the memo, whatever parts of whatever threads it came up in. But I suspect you aren't alone.
This is what I get for working. I knew that was a bad idea! At least I'm not waking up and saying, "Wha???!! Boyd is the HEAD of Rossum??!"

NTL, it was a wonderful surprise. Every Whedonverse actor should have a twin. If anyone thought one Victor was yummy, two just takes the cake!

I wonder what else I've missed...
And for those who want more in a similar vein.
Excellent interview, this guy was born to be a director. The Attic was just amazing visually. When Joss gets his next mind blowing show - soonest, on cable - hopefully Cassaday will join the family.

I love love the tree.
I love these insights. Crossing my fingers that "The Attic" gets its own commentary and featurette on the season 2 release.
Agreed, CrazyKidBen. I'm a huge Cassaday fan and would love to hear more from him on this episode. (Of course, I would love for the entire season to get the Lord of the Rings treatment and have 3 commentaries for every episode, featurettes on the catering, etc.)
The moment I found out about Enver's brother I immediately swore they had to put that to use in the series at some point in some context but I had no idea what the excuse would have been. I'm not even exceptionally sure why I was so certain about this anymore. While Nicolas Brendon having a brother was really handy for Buffy and there was Fanty and Mingo in Serenity... I could have sworn there was another instance where they really like using certain random facts from the actors' real lives? Of or relating to twins? Or is it just the idea they're really big on visual gags or multiple versions of the same character?

I'm still spoiled by Futurama having commentary on every episode but yeah, it'd be cool if other shows started doing that too.

I want more detail regarding some of the transition from drawing to actual production. I think I make out the words butterflies regarding that tree and that obviously would have been pretty hard to pull off.
orangewaxlion, I believe Kelly Brendon was also his brother's stunt double at times. Could be wrong about that, but it sounds like something I read online or in the Buffy magazine back in the day.

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