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February 22 2010

TFAW "Winter Steals" Sale Now Offering 70% off Serenity, Buffy, and Angel Tchotchkes. You can page through 15 pages of 70% off stuff or Search Serenity or Search Buffy .

Ah. That sounds like quite the bargain. At a glance, I misread winter as writer and thought it was an article on plagiarism...

LOL! Really made me LOL!
Added the word sale...
Edited the link title to make it a bit more coherent.
When does the sale end? I don't get paid til this weekend
That was not a good thing for me to look at when I had insomnia. Oh, well. At least everything I bought was all on sale. ;)
It's a shame they don't have the Serenity ornaments.
Anyone know how much UK shipping is? Don't want to sign up for an account and all if it's real expensive.
You can calculate it in the cart without signing up
iwearthecheese, still has the Serenity Ornament. Not on sale though.

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