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February 23 2010

Early details for Leverage Season 2 DVDs slated for May 25th release. Starring Christian Kane and also features Mark Sheppard in a recurring role. The show has already been renewed for a 3rd season on TNT.

Christian Kane's hair in Leverage is quite astounding.
I was given S1 during the Holidays and finished watching it not too long ago. Definitely a fun show and I'm glad that they'll be releasing the DVD so soon.
christian and mark aren't the only whedon alums in 'leverage'; don't forget about armin shimerman and aldis hodge!

seeing principal snyder in 'the juror #6 job' was simply a trip.
Leverage is currently my favorite show. Kane's hair is amazing as is the rest of him and the rest of the cast. Other Whedon alums on the show: Danny Strong and the guy who played Holland Manners.

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