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February 23 2010

Then/Now: The Cast of 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer'. Fox News gives a look at what the cast has been up to.

Anthony Head's "Now" blurb mentions Ripper, again...
That was fun to read. I wish they'd do Angel. IMO, the cast members of Angel haven't gone as far as the Buffy cast.

Also, am I the only one who didn't know that James Marsters was 47? I thought he was younger than that...
British 'Buffy' fans will be glad to hear that the actor is set to do a reported ‘Buffy’ spin-off for the BBC entitled ‘Ripper.’

You mean the spin-off he's been "set to do" for some umpteen years now? Or is there actualy news about that?

And you think they might've mentioned Caprica on James' blurb.

Ah well.

Edit: Fixing punctuation.

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They seem to have conveniently forgotten Faith. I know she was basically a "guest" character, but she was a part of the Scoobies for nearly a whole season, good or bad.
I hope Joss will begin with Ripper now that he has more time on his hands. It's a tragedy that Dollhouse was cancelled, but Ripper has been on the shelf for SO MANY years now!
Calling Anthony a fresh-faced kid via the group shot is amusing.
I'd like to add what I added to another post earlier but it's more relevant here. Ignore what Fox is saying, right now, Anthony Stewart Head is in the building I work in. Today, I shall mostly be attempting to bump into him by accident. And then kidnap him.
I wish you luck in your quest, Sparticus!
Ok, I'm sorry, but they couldn't mention that 'Angel' lasted 5 seasons and was a successful spin off? Or that 'Bones' is one of Fox's most popular shows. No, they have to mention he's on his second marriage, and that crap about that Uchitel chick. Ridiculous.

And I'm astounded they didn't mention the Taster's Choice commercials for Tony. Seems that was always mentioned. And I'd have mentioned Seth was co-creator of Robot Chicken before I'd mention he does voice work on that show.

Also, I agree that they should have included Eliza, and I think Amber and Blucas as well since they were series regulars.
from wikipedia:
"Ripper was originally a proposed television show based upon the character of Rupert Giles portrayed by Anthony Stewart Head. More recent information has suggested that if Ripper were ever made, it would be a TV movie or a DVD movie. There was little heard about the series until 2007 when Joss Whedon confirmed that talks were almost completed for a 90 minute Ripper special on the BBC with both Head and the BBC completely on board."

"With the cancellation of Dollhouse Whedon has been locked in talks over the rights issues of the character of Rupert Giles. This is the only hurdle with the BBC having funding, location and local production team in place, with Whedon delivering the initial script. It still remains unclear whether it would go beyond a 90 minute TV special or become a stand-alone miniseries."

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To bad they don't mention Bleak Expectations on Tony's one. As a radio show it is a bit low profile per definition, but is a lot of fun. I never would have discovered it if it hadn't been discussed here because our former Watcher is in it.

It's funny how the impression you get of Michelle's post Dawn work is quite different from the one I had of it. (I saw her in things like Six Feet Under and House, they list Gossip Girl, Mercy)
Tsuliwaensis, I think a lot of that Wiki article is supposition rather than fact.
With the cancellation of Dollhouse Whedon has been locked in talks over the rights issues of the character of Rupert Giles

The wiki writers just made that up. The only sources they cite in that paragraph are (a) an interview with ASH in which he says that he hasn't spoken to Joss about Ripper since before Dollhouse came along and (b) an article in which the writer speculates that now that Dollhouse is over Joss and ASH might make Ripper.

But damn it would be nice if they were right. I would be so thrilled if Joss made Ripper
Is anyone else surprised that they didn't mention Emma Caulfield? Seasons three-seven. More seasons than Seth Green. Plus, it's not that she's doing nothing now. She just had a movie come out in the past year.
I tend to agree, simon. I believe it when I see it.
but even though it usually doesn't last long I do enjoy the illusions of hope the ripper rumours have given me again and again over the past 9 years...
We actually had a Ripper category at Whedonesque years ago from what I recall. But it got removed due to lack of progress on the project.
Whatever Ripper becomes, if it becomes at all, I'd love to see a cameo by one of the other Buffy characters, even if it's Buffy herself (fat chance, I know). It be super if some of the season 8 events were mentioned as well, just to make everything feel contiguous. It irks me when shows are suppose to be set in the same universe, but dare not mention events outside the show itself.
I didn't know Sarah had hosted SNL three times! I must find these gems at once. Also, how good was she in Cruel Intentions? If only her new movies garnered more attention, I still love you SMG(P)!
Everyone is doing well. lt's great to see that because all of them deserve it. l hope they continue to have good fortune.
And for the record I did watch Veronika Decides To Die and Sarah gave a great performance, I recommend it!
They forgot Charisma's role on Veronica Mars! She had a decent character arc too.
Seems like Michelle Trachtenberg, Alyson Hannigan and Seth Green, along with David Boreanaz, are the three most successful Buffy alums.
Kind of mean to include nasty scandals in David's bio. That is more important than Angel or Bones? Give me a break. Who wrote this thing?!
Love that they mention ASH's appearance in Sweeney Todd... which was cut down to one line and the briefest possible shot of him. Still disappointed about that!
Jonnathan i definitely second that opinion...excellent adaptation!! highly recommended...that rumour with DB was just that, i thought...just a they took a photo and that was it!? And Tony and SMG/P are equally as successful as the others...SMG is mostly in indie and direct to dvd films sure but at least she was constantly working! And Tony has alot going on over can hardly turn on the tv without his face on it!!
Interesting that ASH was in Todd. Must have been a really short part, since I don't remember it at all. And I saw the film for the second time just a few weeks ago, si I guess I must have missed him altogether that time. Can't remember anymore if I noticed him the first time I saw it. And yes Del, you're right, David's one wasn't exactly great.

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Tony's scene got cut from "Todd" -- I was looking for him too.

Plus it's all very film/TV-centric. Isn't Nick doing all kinds of stage roles? And yet all he's done lately, from their standpoint, is some made-for-TV movie. Wasn't James tearing up the boards before BtVS? Nope, all he ever did was Northern Exposure.

On the other hand, I didn't know that he was in Northern Exposure... my mom loves that show. I may have to watch them with her just to find him. (I'm planning on introducing her to "Veronica Mars" and surprising her with CC and Alyson.)

Not necessarily stellar reporting, but what do you expect from Fox?
I was expecting Emma, Amber and Eliza to be on the list as well.
Del, Kind of mean to include nasty scandals in David's bio. That is more important than Angel or Bones? Give me a break. Who wrote this thing?!

I agree - hadn't even read the text until I saw your comment. Just scrolled through the pics. Fox News. Figures.
Seems like Michelle Trachtenberg, Alyson Hannigan and Seth Green, along with David Boreanaz, are the three most successful Buffy alums.

Yup. And a little part of me dies every time one of Sarah's movies goes straight to video. A friend of mine has a brother who runs one of our local TV stations. Around 2003, his brother told him that the single hottest, most coveted star in the entire television industry was...Sarah Michelle Gellar. She was being pursued by everyone, she could write her own ticket. What happened? She wanted to do movies. I'm convinced that if she had gone the Alyson/David route and just picked a smart TV show she'd be lighting up our screens every week and people would still be talking about her. Instead, she wanted to do movies and she got pigeonholed and now every time you see her name it's "What ever happened to...?" Here's hoping she hits the ground running soon; I know HBO dropped her pilot but she had the right idea there. She needs to get back to television and for God's sake, no horror, no sci-fi. Something like Californication would be neat: a cable show written specifically for her, in which she plays a character she can really chew on, with drama and comedy and stories for grownups.
If you're looking for ASH in Sweeney Todd, watch the competition between Todd and Pirelli - after it ends, ASH asks Sweeney "Congratulations, Mr. Todd - may I ask you, sir, do you have your own establishment?" - and you see a few seconds of his face.
ASH was also in the latest adaptation of Jane Austen's "Persuasion". My local PBS station aired it again just last Sunday.
Is it just me, or do I feel pretty much ALL those guys got screwed on their little snippets? I mean wow, I feel so uninformed and pretty bad for them.
Especially David -- that was just wrong.
Cause am I the only one that believes that "scandal" was just a rumor and never was more? Gimme a break...

Anyways, they're still all awesome in my book and it is good to see they're all still doing things!
Still...the site could have done better on their short little descriptions.
Ripper is dead, if anybody cares, last I heard.
a cable show written specifically for her, in which she plays a character she can really chew on, with drama and comedy and stories for grownups.

Which describes her HBO pilot so what the hell happened to that ?

I'm not convinced though by recent interviews with her,Freddie etc that we will see her back soon .Definitely got the vibe that now she is more concentrated on her daughter .
Ripper is dead, if anybody cares, last I heard

Where did you hear that gossi? What was said?
:(, re: Ripper, not that I'm surprised.

I hope this doesn't mean Giles is in danger in season eight now....
"Horror Movies With Tony Head"??? What the..?

I know of True Horror, which was the documentary he hosted for the Discovery Channel, but never heard of that.

I'm in agreement w/everyone else re: the crappy snippets. Some of them they pretty much glossed over, and some of the ones they had more info for they chose some questionable things to include. I think they should ask some of us next time they wanna do a "Where Are They Now?" segment - we'll give 'em plenty of accurate facts!

I mean, geez, Tony alone:

Little Britain
The Invisibles
True Horror
I'll Be There
And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself
Imagine Me & You
Dr. Who
Sweeney Todd (Bit part)
Repo! The Genetic Opera

Not to mention all the charity work he & Sarah are involved in, and the farm, and his album.

Charisma was on CSI and Legend of the Seeker. Nicky had "A Golden Christmas," that William Shatner sci-fi fire movie, that pinata "horror" movie whose name I always screw up, the plays he just did/is doing, and Kitchen Confidential. Amber wasn't even mentioned, but she's done Gryphon, and her indie movies & books. Eliza had Tru Calling and Dollhouse, and some horror movies the names of which I don't know. Etc etc etbloodycetera.
Lol. I meant the BBC thing. Joss actually met with the BBC in London about it a few years ago - I think that's what lead to the Comic-Con '07 announcement, but the people involved have moved on now. Julie Garner heads up the BBC's new LA commercial studio nowadays. It's a shame 'cos Julie and Jane are awfully talented and coulda worked well with Joss I thought.
I hope that pic of Charisma was a character shot in haggard make-up.
And, yo David!
And also, to quote Benton Batbarton, "I obscenity on" the absence of Amber and Eliza and even Emma altho she hasn't doen as much on the whole show-biz wise.
I do wonder what SMidGe's best course is. I think Will Smith would like working with her in the right vehicle, even if it isn't my screenplay *grin
Am I the only one who has seen Sold, with Anthony Head? I loved that show!

And I agree - Eliza should have been on the list.
I think a lot of that Wiki article is supposition rather than fact.

This deserves to be repeated :). And, yes, there were a lot of things left out of these blurbs to leave room for tidbits of more questionable value/providence.
That was idiotic! The "blurbs" were tiny and said nothing important -- was I the only one pissed that they ignored all of DB's acting/directing work on "Bones" and "Angel" in favor of mentioning a supposed "scandal" rumor that was quashed before the month was out? They left out Eliza Dushku, the left out Emma Caulfield, they didn't mention half the stuff everyone was doing, and then they started up "Ripper" rumors again...WTF?!
Boreanaz also has an executive producer credit for Bones. This would, in my estimation, make him the most successful of all Buffy alums, including Alyson Hannigan, who I would consider the other leader, with SMG slightly behind, though of late not working up to her ability. Oh, and Seth Green has also been very successful in creative works like Robot Chicken, etc.

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