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February 23 2010

The greatest moments in Dollhouse - a poll. If you don't see your favourite Dollhouse moment listed in this poll to mark tonight's airing of the last three episodes on SciFi UK, you can always suggest it as a comment.

And one of the SciFi UK bloggers writes about his own favourite moments here.

Once it's aired in the States, it ain't a spoiler. And the "greatest moments" part of the headline would indicate that it covers the whole show.

And there's no need to shout btw.
I voted for Victor as Topher. :D
Sorry, didn't mean to shout, didn't realise caps lock was on - my bad!
I wanted to vote for Victor as Topher (I've never seen someone channel another person so vividly in my life!), but I had to give it to the activation of Mellie. Early on, it was the one moment that cemented for me just how wickedly cruel and vicious the tech was and raised the stakes sky-high. To see this sweet girl turn into a vicious killer...but at least she was defending herself!
I too wanted to vote for Victor as Topher, but went with the Alpha reveal. Even though I'd read the spoiler when it first broke about Alan playing Alpha, Briar Rose was just so perfect as was the reveal.
Victopher, but by a very small margin.
Are they really showing the last 3 DH episodes in the UK tonight? The Radio Times and SciFi UK's own web schedule only show 1 ep, 'Getting Closer' at 9pm, then a movie at 10.
I voted for the Boyd reveal, but it was really for the entire episode. Not since ST:TNG's season 3 finale "The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1" has an episode had as powerful a 1,2,3 punch of increasing Oh, Shit! moments that left me reeling afterwards. So, maybe I voted in the wrong spirit of the poll...but they didn't have an "Every time Alan Tudyk was on-screen" choice.
I went with Dr Saunders confronting Topher.

All their choices were strong but that particular scene just got beneath my skin. Amy Acker was so raw, so vunerable, and it was the first time we had any sense that Topher might truly be suffering within the present day storyline. The whole scene felt brutal emotionally.
Brutal and sexy. I picked Saunders too.
I went with Saunders/Whiskey and Tophers scene in Vows. I think viewingfigures summed up the greatness of that scene pretty well :)
Many good ones on that list, but I, too, went with the Saunders/Topher confrontation. viewingfigures statement sums up my reasons as well.
Saunders/Topher confrontation for me too :)

Lots of close seconds though. All great scenes on that poll, IMO.
That was a tough choice. I went for Mellie's "activation", because I still vividly remember going from "Oh god, it's Ms. Calendar all over again" to "What's going on, what the- YES!" within instants. It was one of the moments early on that made my investment in the show a done deal.
Hard to choose, but I went for Topher/Adelle in E1. I initially really disliked Topher, warmed up to him a bit by his birthday, and was amazed at how much I felt for him in that scene. I always liked Adelle, and it was great to see a new side to her.
"There are three flowers in a vase; the third flower is green..." then cut to can you NOT love it? lol.
I had to go for Victopher. My absolute favorite moments in the series, for certain.

And interesting that it's a British website, if they haven't aired the final episodes yet.
So many good scenes! I picked Adelle/Topher in Epitaph 1. Having seen the episode several times now, I still can't take my eyes off the screen during that scene. Still makes me almost cry.
dbngaa: I voted for Victopher, but I totally agree: if there had been an "Every moment Alan Tudyk is on-screen" choice, my vote would have gone there in a heartbeat.
Can I comment here if I didn't choose any of them? (gulp)

Two of my favorite moments are Sleeper!Perrin killing Cindy in 'The Left Hand' and Clyde!Whiskey's talk with Adelle in 'The Hollow Men'. I also really liked Adelle's first pitch from the unaired pilot.

If I had to pick one from the poll, I'd go with Saunders confronting Topher.
First thing first, I'm new so hello all
Now for the poll. I vote for the saunders/topher moment, it's very good one, but it's a difficult decision, because all the scenes you can choose from are very good. I still remenber the scene with adelle jumping and telling Topher to say hello for her, hilarious
Twinkle, where do you see spoilers? I see nothing you shouldn't have already seen - unless its been modified.

Oh and and and: Victor as Topher. The Greatest Thing Ever.
If they're airing the last three episodes tonight, revealing the mastermind of the Dollhouse would be a spoiler, right?
I voted for the Boyd as mastermind best moment. Honestly, I stared at my tv for 5 minutes after that moment and could barely move, I'm not even kidding. it hit me so hard. It was seriously one of the best reveals I have ever seen.

My second favorite moment would be Saunders shooting Bennet. That one made me fall out of my chair with my hands over my face. I had to watch topher's expression through my fingers.
I had to go with Mellie activating. That blew my mind. And opened up a huge world of possibilities.

However, all of the choices are great television!

And it can't be said enough, Enver is the greatest actor on the planet. That guy needs to star in a big budget hollywood flick asap--he's an A-lister waiting to happen.
Those are all great choices. I never got a chance to suggest one before but I would definitely swap out the Topher birthday celebration with Priya killing Nolan instead (or possibly the body-disposal scene that followed)

That doesn't narrow down my personal pick, though :P
That was tough. I ended up going with A/T because it's actually probably one of my favourite moments of tv... well ever. The Victor!Kiki scene is my second favourite scene in the show though. :D
the topher/saunders confrontation in 'vows' is by far my favorite scene of the series. it's one of my favorite scenes from any show ever, actually. i bought the episode on itunes just so i could watch it over and over. the writing and acting is just flawless.
Vows. The whole series was worth it for Vows. Topher and Saunder's scene was excellent. It had shades of Firefly for me somehow.
Victopher! I agree with alexreager, Enver is amazing!
I would've gone with "medicinal carrots". I really like Victopher, but specifically when Topher was talking to Victopher over the phone from Bennett's office. That was great dialogue!
I love so many of those scenes! I bought 'Vows' on itunes specifically for that Topher/Saunders moment. So sad when that storyline broke off for Amy's new series. Topher/Adelle stoned=some of the best quotes. and obviously Enver is a genius!
but I have to go with Topher and Adelle in Epitaph One, it actually made me tear up. and then me and my mum tear up when we I showed it to her. So very endearing and such an important glimpse into what was to come and Topher's humanity and contradictions.

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While "Man on the Street" is my favorite episode overall, my favorite moment is Adelle comforting Topher in "Epitaph One," which got even better after season two, when you realize she is also dealing with being world destroyer. The apocalypse gets personal.

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i chose victor as topher, but i wanted to choose alpha's reveal. i went with victor as topher though because my reason for wanting to choose alpha's reveal had nothing to do with the plot of the show and everything to do with alan tudyk being sexy as all get out. i too would have voted for 'every scene that alpha is in' (based on the plot of the show) if that had been a choice.

whiskey shooting bennett is a pretty outstanding moment, as is boyd's reveal, but my true runner up to victopher and alpha is the moment when echo (as jenny) realizes that her date means to hunt her.
This is difficult. I kinda love them all. (Oh, and I feel slightly disturbed with the some of the pictures not matching the moments... -_-)
All excellent choices, but I had to go with Saunders/Topher in Vows. Just masterful TV, on every level.

I would have added the Topher/Adell exchange where he tells her "You are the coldest bitch on the planet". Especially yummy irony, considering how things unfolded.
I would have liked to write in the moment where Adelle tells Topher he was chosen for this because he has no morals. That was the moment I finally began to understand Adelle, and to sympathize with her to a degree.
I didn't see this poll posted until today, but I'm glad I didn't. Got to agree with Twinkle that this contains massive spoilers and is kind of weird that Sci-Fi would include them in this poll before they have aired them. I know I would have been pissed if I had seen this yesterday.

As for the poll itself, I really struggled to choose. Just goes to show how great some of the individual moments in this show have been, even if the whole hasn't always been on the ball as much as Whedon's previous work. I was initially going to go with Victor as Topher, not just because it was a fantastic scene but also because Enver has knocked it out of the park every single time he has appeared on screen. Alas, I couldn't avoid voting for Alan Tudyk's amazing Alpha reveal. Sure, I knew the casting info before hand, but just wow! Such a great performance in a great episode.

Also, having just finished watching Epitaph 2, I probably would have voted for the final episode if it had of been an option. Absolutely incredible episode and probably my favourite of the entire run. The only downside to it was I wish we could spend longer in the world. I really felt that the whole 2020 setting could have been given its own dedicated spin-off series, as it was so rich on content. At the very least, it deserved to be half of a season. I wanted to see more of Victor's band and their tech, I wanted to see Priya and Adelle living their idyllic life, and I wanted to see Echo and Ballard truly fighting against the mind wiping technology. Some of the scenes during the episode were fantastic, but just imagine how much better they could have been if we had of really seen more of these lives they had grown into.

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