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February 23 2010

'Cat's Claw" by Amber Benson is released today. The second book in her Calliope Reaper-Jones trilogy has hit bookstores. She's appearing at Mysterious Galaxy tonight in San Diego for a signing. She'll also be appearing at Boston Comic Con (along with Christopher Golden and Thomas Sniegoski) on April 10th-11th.

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Bill Sienkiewicz will also be there. wow. mebbee i'll go.
I've never read any of her books. What's her writing style like?
Yeah, is she any good?
I liked "Death's Daughter" a lot. It took me a day and a half to read and I couldn't put it down. She has a strong narrative and the story was easy to follow. That said, there were some awkward parts, but mostly in the beginning. I've been eagerly awaiting this next book.
I wish I lived anywhere near her signings... I'd love to go.
I'm not crazy about her writing style, personally. The plot of "Death's Daughter" was interesting and I liked her take on the urban fantasy genre, but the writing itself isn't all that. But it is a fun read, and I'd reccomend it if you're looking for a light two-sittings kind of book.
With all of the attention her Calliope novels are receiving, I'd like to recommend that interested folks pick up the older Ghosts of Albion books which she did with Christopher Golden, which I enjoyed tremendously.
Simon, Nicole I thought the book was a fun read. Is she Dean Koontz or JK Rowling? No. Is her writing creative, fun and different? Yes. There were a few things I had trouble with, but once I got used to her style I got into the book and finished it rather quickly. I very easily could picture what was going on, and especially liked her take on some familiar mythology. (On a side note - I have a hard time watching anything Bollywood related now w/out thinking of the book.)

I'm looking forward to getting Cat's Claw, and hope she does more after the initial trilogy ends.

(IIRC, she'd mentioned doing some research into the myths she wanted to use, and finding a lot of material she could work with; the same thing happened to me when researching Irish mythology, which is why I wrote "Rayne of Terror" - Buffy and crew facing various daoine sidhe, including a cluricaune and a dullahan, as well as an old enemy.)
(On a side note - I have a hard time watching anything Bollywood related now w/out thinking of the book.)

ShadowQuest, I have the same problem when watching anything Bollywood related now!

I enjoyed Death's Daughter. Once I got through the beginning and got a sense for her writing style, I really got into it. I particularly liked her take on familiar mythology, as well.

I picked Cat's Claw up today and am looking forward to diving into it tonight.
Just noticed that the title is spelled wrong up there in the link. It's Cat's Claw. Not the plural "Claws."
ShadowQuest, JTown...add me to the list of people who have had their Bollywood viewing habits altered by DD. And if they ever make a movie adaptation, I can't see anyone playing Kali other than Mindy Kaling. :)

And also, JTown, thanks for the head's up on the title...I've edited accordingly.
I would say that Amber Benson's solo writing style (as opposed to working with Christopher Golden) is somewhat comparable to Charlaine Harris. Not to say they're identical, but there's a similar sort of light, conversational, personal take on the supernatural.
I'm not sure if it was her writing style, or if it was intentional, but I just could not get into the protagonist. Felt way too whiny to me. :)

Just my 2 cents.

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