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November 10 2003

Info about Nicholas Brendon's new TV movie at his official fan website.

Nicholas has booked a TV movie called Celeste in the City. It's about a young girl who moves from a small town to Manhattan and gets made over by her gay male cousin, and the romantic adventures that follow for her. Nicholas will play the cousin. More information as we learn more!

Sounds cute.
Depends on your definition of cute.

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Boy oh boy, everybody wants to play gay these days.

Sounds like it could be fun. Or ghastly. Depending.
At least it's not a "disease of the week" Lifetime movie. Or one of those horrible Elizabeth Smart/Jessica Lynch stories that were mobbing the airwaves last night.

Sounds like another flick in the same vein as "See Jane Date." ABC has found a niche with these cheap romantic comedies. They're not Oscar-worthy material, but they're not the kind of bottomed out, career suicide, this-week-starring-Lorenzo-Lamas teleflicks we usually think of when we hear "tv movie."

Like I said, sounds cute. Not gonna criticise Nick for wanting a paycheck, and there are far worse projects he could be doing.
And suddenly a Xander spinoff never looked more appealing.
I think it'll nice to see Nick play something new. I haven't yet had the chance to see him in anything else. I'm kinda seeing him as Rupert Everett in this role.
Rent Psycho Beach Party...he's excellent as Starcat.
Psycho Beach Party is great!!! I also recently saw Pinata (aka Demon Island) and it was... not so great. Very cheesy, on a different level than Psycho Beach Party. But good to see him doing something else. His real life wife was in that one with him.
Looks like Willow did "gay him up" after all!
Psycho Beach Party was intentionally cheesy, thus making it great. Thus the difference with Pinata. (I assume; noticed that NB was in it and therefore wanted to see it, but missed it anyway.)

Something I loved about NB in PBP was that they aknowledged - and played up, even - the hottness that is Nick. Very cool to see that. :)
a friend actually told me (apparently joking) that PBP was some kind of a porn movie, like the soft-core stuff on late night cable. i was a little uneasy with the whole, you know...
i think i need new friends!
I dunno about a Psycho Beach Party porn flick, but I did tune in to some old black and white film by the same name around Halloween a couple weeks ago. I was expecting to see my favorite Amber Benson film and instead I got non-funny bad-horror cheese.

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