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February 23 2010

New Stuff For Dollhouse Auction. Ebay has added more new items!! Includes Eliza Dushku and Tahmoh Penikett's chair backs, NSA dossier and badges, brainscan transparencies, the Briar Rose book, and more lovely clothes and shoes.

creepy as it sounds, i would just love to own anything amy acker wore as dr. saunders. but alas, i am broke.
Arrrgh!(,Grrr) I put up a bid of 250 freakin' dollars for those Rossum badges in the auction that just ended today, thinking NOBODY would top it...but someone did. I want a piece of the show that I can wear around (say, at conventions?) that doesn't look generic like the NSA badges. (Is that so wrong?) But I was in transit to school when the auction actually ended. I wonder if the person who won them will put each of them up for bidding or something?
Welcome to all the new people. Please use proper punctuation and spelling as it helps people understand your writing.

That said, oooo brainscans.
Gah, bloody shirt, bloody shirt! When the non-bloody double came up on the last auction, I was all "Where's the blood?" Now everyone leave it alone so I can have it for under $40. Please and thank you. :)
That's a pretty badass Victor suit, and from an important scene no less! Am I totally clueless though for not being aware there was a 1 for guy's clothing? There's even a free tie that wasn't on screen from the look of the screencap...
And Topher's Epitaph 1 outfit.
Another Briar Rose book? I guess this one is the backup copy as the first one said "screen used" and this one doesn't.
I've just noticed I've the same size feet as Dichen *drools over YSL half boots*
Darn, I hoped this was a screen used Briar Rose book. I guess that saved me some money.

I can't remember how to check the history to see what other items went for.

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Click on Advance Search, then Completed Listings. You have to be logged in.
The first Briar Rose book, which said "Screen Used", went for $132.

I think I'll pass on this one, specially when there's lots of screen worn stuff around.

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I want Topher's jacket from The Left Hand. You know the one I'm talking about.

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