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February 23 2010

Interview with Amy Acker. She discusses a wide variety of topics, including those dealing with Angel and Dollhouse.

Loved the comment on the love triangle. Amy Acker is adorable.
I took the spoiler tag off since it's a reveal about her Dollhouse character from Season 1.
Sorry Sunfire, wasn't sure if it would at all matter in case for whatever reason there were people who weren't that caught up or something!

And I agree with the previous comment. She IS adorable.
It's fine-- better safe than sorry. Just for future reference we generally spoiler tag upcoming or recent plot information but not stuff that's been out in the open a bit.

Anyway, very interesting to know that the idea of Dr. Saunders being a Doll was there from early on.
So. William Shakespeare is responsible for the murder of Winifred Burkle. Good to know...good to know. (Runs into time machine, slams door, sets dial for 1564 with sharpened knife in hand).
lol Jonnathan! That's awesome.

My favorite part of the interview was the love triangle guestion!!! I've always wondered which ship she was a part of. : )
thnx mossome; her answers were surprising...I love, love, LOVE "Echo" and Eliza..but who wouldn't want to pal around with Buffy during the Zombie Apocalypse?!?!? Amy Acker, I'm attributing this minor lapse of judgment to the fact you have "Dollhouse" on the brain, having worked so recently on it. Not so forgivable, your outstanding/miraculous acting skills which led Joss to off my beloved Fred! (lol). Gotta love the win-some-you-lose-some-ness of our ships.
Eh, it makes sense, she was part of the Angel era where never the twain should meet. I mean one goal would be to actually live through the apocalypse not to necessarily kill all zombies as Buffy would probably try to do and maybe take down a couple sidekicks in the process.

The geek questions were fun (Fred did end up being much more stable and brilliant than where Topher's brilliance got him) but I still wished there were clarification what she thought about Whiskey and what not. (Especially that Topher running thing) Or whether or not she thought there was any chance her character survived the end of Epitaph One, or if that was just fans hoping against all reason?

Actually I think one reason why Joss needs to stick around TV is so he finally can write another show more or less Acker headed. (As unresolved plot threads go her characters tend to have the most interesting arcs.)
That's so cool to know that the Dollhouse cast did a Shakespeare reading
Totally. I wish we knew what play they did and who was playing who.
Alpert, Amy says they did Hamlet (but she doesn't say who played what)
Oh man. Seeing Ms. Acker on Big Love would be fun. It's one of my favorite shows too.
Duh! I am not retarded, I swear.
Yes, yes, yes, we all loved Fred. But Illyria. Wow. My favorite character of all time in a television series.

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Casting for Hamlet? I'm guessing

Gertrude: Olivia
Claudius: Alexis or Harry
Ophelia: Amy
Polonius: Alan or Reed
Hamlet: Fran... Enver... Fran... Enver

Hhhmmmm. My deduction not so brilliant there.
Amy Acker = love.

Oh, what I would give to see Amy and Alexis working together again. They bring out the best in each other as actors and deliver phenomenal performances. I'd love to know the roles that the actors take on in the Shakespeare readings! curlymynci, I'm going to go with Fran as Hamlet and Enver as Horatio :)
We're not collectively giving Tahmoh much consideration for potential roles? Hrm, or even Dushku now that I think about it (And Dichen!). Aside from who we imagine would play which roles I'm actually more curious about who shows up to these things. Or really how frequent they are? Is it a "specific cast/crew" get together only or just anyone he knows still in town at a given moment?
No offense to Eliza, but if Joss had come up with the idea for Dollhouse by himself I can imagine him going straight to Amy with it.

Oh well. Maybe the next one.
I can't find my casting for it now, but I once took a Shakespeare cast where we had to reimagine the Taming of the Shrew in a different setting. (Like that version of Romeo and Juliet where none of the lines are changed but the setting is the modern day.) I set mine on the Battlestar Galactica, and cast Tahmoh as someone... but I can't remember who.
Ah, Amy Acker! She's my favorite actress ever! She's just so versatile! It's nice to see her views on all her past work. And the info on Happy Town, no matter how small, doesn't hurt. :)
Time to watch (again!) that deleted scene with Fred and Wes doing ballet.
So Amy is too embarrassed to watch herself playing a man in Dollhouse?

Well then in that case I will just have to keep re-watching it to make up for her reticence. :-)
Hamlet: Fran... Enver... Fran... Enver

How about Enver as Fran as Hamlet?
In future interviews, can somene, please, ask her if was Sanders or Clyde who shot Bennet?
@Brasilian Chaos Man -

Hi, there was another interview, already posted, in which Amy stated that she was told directly by the writers that Saunders shot Bennet, having been activated as a sleeper.
Thank you very much viewingfigures!
I missed, but I'll try to find it.
orangewaxlion - How about Laertes for Tahmoh? I only excluded Eliza as we already know Olivia and Amy were involved. I struggle to remember any other female roles in Hamlet. I can see Fran doing an excellent job as Hamlet. The "Am I a coward?" line would be done beautifully a la Epitaph 1. My only reservation was that, if I were Joss, I would bring back the Shakespeare readings just to see what Enver would do with that role.
I would love to see Joss and co do an audio Shakespeare play for general release. Sell it on iTunes or make it available as a freebie on an official Mutant Enemy site or something like that.
Oh, dear. Um, Jonnathan? I think that was Christopher Marlowe.


ETA: Weird! Wikipedia is missing all of Marlowe's plays from after 1593 and no longer refers to him as the greatest English playwright or as the Bard of Blood.

[ edited by Pointy on 2010-02-25 00:25 ]
Hi Pointy! Though I appreciate your passion for attention to detail, I'd like to gently point out that William Shakespeare was baptised the same year as Christopher Marlowe. But, seeing as we're both using Wikipedia as our reference du jour, we could both be wrong! Now that I think about it, killing a roughly one year old child to prevent the death of a fictional character may seem a bit...(gets dragged away from the typewriter by 2 large orderlies and placed in restraints).
You stabbed the wrong guy! Every school child learnt that Christopher Marlowe died at the age of 85 of gout, but now look!

This is just like that movie, I Know What You Did Last Time You Traveled Back to Elizabethan England!

[ edited by Pointy on 2010-02-25 23:12 ]
Oh, I get it, you're trying to cover up your time crimes. But I know who killed Christopher Marlowe, as sure as Jonathan Levinson starred in The Matrix.

[ edited by Pointy on 2010-02-25 00:58 ]
Every copy of the greatest play ever, Marlowe's The Flemish Tragedy, has disappeared from shelves all over the world. Time criminal, it was you! I know it was you!

Gets dragged away by two other orderlies . . .

[ edited by Pointy on 2010-02-25 14:56 ]
I officially NEED a Amy Acker centered Joss show. Now, Stat, PRONTO.
@Pointy That's me, Jonnathan Bates, Time Criminal! (Hey, that has quite a nice ring to it...*escapes, changes name, dons fake beard, writes a best-selling novel called "Time Criminal" that makes him fabulously wealthy and never gives Pointy credit for the idea*.

P.S and Jonathan Levinson didn't star in The was my evil twin brother, Gerald Bates!

P.S.S. "Bates" is not my real last name...bwahahaha.

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