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February 23 2010

Vote on the Can't Stop The Serenity promotional art for 2010. Voting ends next Monday, March 1 and they'll announce the winner the same day. 17 entries to choose from.

I have no idea who did any of them, but entry six made me cry. It gets my full and unconditional support and relentless Twitter campaigning.
I agree with b!x about number 6, it is gorgeous. Also like numbers 11 and 16. I think 6 captures it all, though.
I love the idea and execution behind entry six, but as a poster I prefer entry five, which seems to be the simplified version.
So much shiny, I don't know which one to vote for!
I wouldn't know how to pick a favorite, they're all so impressive.
I wish we could have multiple votes. While I agree on 6, there's something to be said for the last one, too. It stands out because of it's (get ready) serenity compared to the business of some of the others. Good strong, clean graphics and a simple but vibrant color scheme - 7 might get my vote. If 6 didn't have that fabulous detail at the bottom it'd be much easier...
Wow, they have some really wonderful contenders. Purely graphically I would go for 4 or 8, but I agree that 6 is gorgeous (I'm just afraid it is too detailed to be appreciated on a t-shirt or on a flyer). But I could get behind any of these, they are all strong. Kudos to everyone who submitted a design!

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Hhhmm, 6 looks very nice, but I'm going to have to go with 17. It's so simple and clean.
Pffft no llamas. Epic fail.
Everything so shiny. I pick entry 6. But i also really like entry 10 and 14
#1 for me, because the dragon is striking, and partly because the others look too much like previous years' logos. My enthusiasm for voting is somewhat diminished by my never having found stickers of the previous years logos. Maybe I just missed them. My bumper needs stickers.
Wow, nice showing - lottsa entries - though a number of them feel like the same designer made them.

I'm torn. Number 6 is lovely - and the detail is to die for - but I don't think it's gonna read unless you're right up on it - and I think this event logo needs to work when used both large and small.

For a big departure from the usual ship & interlocking logos design, I very much like the deceptively-simple and serene ;> #10, although I'd really suggest both a type change and enlargement of the title "Can't Stop The Serenity 2010". It's an appealing typeface, to be sure, but it feels too tricksie to work effectively with the other design elements. In terms of size - if bigger, it would balance out the central image(s) better, and not come so close to being overshadowed.

I like that #13 uses the "five year" info embedded right in it, but I'd probably wanna work the "hope" typeface again into the title "Can't Stop The Serenity 2010" - otherwise, it's all a little too vanilla/bland.

#14 is rather splendid and subtle, which is no small feat, though I'm iffy about that type choice, too.

And I think #17 is super, but just a tad too low-contrasty to be fully effective - it could soar, I think, if that were tweaked a bit.

I'm really gonna have to have another good look-and-think before I vote.

Hope I didn't sound too Miss Know-It-All-Graphic-Designer, but sometimes a little change is all a design needs to go from good to great, and these are some really good entries. I think CSTS did an impressive job of pulling them together, and all of the designers really came through.
I love #6 and voted for it,....I really love them all.
Wheres the llamas? Again! No Llamas!:)
I voted for 6
but I like 13 too
they are all great
I had to go for #5 over #6. I think it is more intriguing and attention grabbing to have Serenity bursting out of the top of the poster. #6 comes off as more "too wordy" IMO.

All of the posters had something I liked about them though. Great entries. I do think it's important to include the information that they are charity screenings for Equality Now, which not all of them did. Pretty is nice, but when it comes down to it, these are for advertising and marketing and if a casual reader/passer by can't figure out what it's for, then it fails at it's job.
These are AWESOME. I will find it very hard to make my eventually choice. I am drawn like most of you above to numbers 6 and 17 but it's going to be really hard to whittle it down to one. I make take some time to make my decision, but that's fine, I don't mind staring at these pretty, pretty pictures a while longer.

Good luck to everyone involved.
I like both 5 and 6. For some reason the warm yellow color reminds me of Serenity's dining room.
I really like 6, I think it's smart and pretty, but I'm not going to vote for it. It really does need that 'poster detail' bit to make it work, seeing as it's just a confusing jumble when printed small, and for a promotional poster (which might be printed smallish alongside potential stories on the screenings) that's not a great feature, I'd say.

As for the rest, I'd say 5 really works. Like with 6, I like the coloring; it's very western instead of very Chinese, which I think better represents the overall atmosphere of the show and movie.

I also really like 13, because it's very simple and instantly recognizable. And, finally, I love 17, but it's a little bit too low contrast for my tastes. I would've instantly voted for it, though, had the colors been made to 'pop' just a tad more.

So, basically, I'm going to think this over for a bit, but am currently leaning towards 5 :).
I actually like (and voted for) number 9. Not crazy about the font but I do like the inclusion of Kaylee's umbrella and the 'signal' becoming the ship enough to outweigh that minor gripe.

However the other designs which posters above have commented on are also awesome :)
also, is it just me but is 7 a little stereotypically offensive? Chinese food box, a fortune cookie, and stylized chinese-ified english lettering? I'd think the 'Verse is somewhat beyond that...

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#17 is gorgeous and simple. Voted.

I also really like #6, and ALMOST chose it.
I would have combined 5 and 6 as one entry. 6 works well for big posters, but 5 looks just as nice for smaller ones, and has the added advantage of having badge/button designs.

I had the same feeling about some others as well. Better to combine as one entry with multiple options, than to split people's votes because of something minor.
I went with 4 because I thought it would look good on a shirt.
Wow. I am really impressed by the creativity and effort of each of the designers. Thanks and congrats to all of them!

Oddly, while I like so much of what I see, none of the entries is the clear winner for me--I guess because they could all use some tweaks (I agree with just about everything quotergal says above). I believe the entry rules do say that some adjustment may be made by CSTS, but it shouldn't be too major. My two cents:

I really love the concept of number 10, but it is crying out for a large (clearer) font "Can't Stop the Serenity" say above, and "Worldwide Charity Screenings to Support Equality Now", say below. Number 14 is so cool but also needs help with the size and format of the font, and really needs the "Worldwide charity screenings..."

I like #2 and #3 quite a lot--something of a call back to the guerilla marketing days and easy to use in black and white promo materials as well as color. #6's detail is rockin', but for me, the detail image needs to be a more prominent part of the design--maybe in a landscape format poster. I also like a lot of the elements of #9 mentioned by fangless above, but it feels a little crowded. #13 is lovely, but needs more texture or something to add subtle layers to the simplicity. #17 is a cool design, but got a little too faded.

Hmm. I'll have to think on it.
<dailypromotion>Entry six!</dailypromotion>
I voted for #17. It's probably not contrasty enough for a poster, but I love it as a painting.
And the winner is... Entry #5 by Don McMillan in Ottawa, Canada!
Don was also the designer of the 2009 logo. This is going to make some gorgeous promo items!!
My second choice.

But I still want to invoke Founder's Privilege and convince him to sell me a print of the travelin' theater design. ;)

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