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February 23 2010

Third omnibus volume of Buffy novels announced. It is scheduled for release in November, and will collect the novels Carnival of Souls, Blooded and One Thing or Your Mother.

For those that are on the up and up regarding Buffy novels (I have only read one about Oz), are the books in these "omnibus" volumes in chronological order? Or do they jump around in the timelines. I don't really know anything about the Buffy novels, but I'd like to pick these up to add to my ever growing collection of stuffs.
It seems as if the publisher is more or less picking stories that all fit within the same relative span of time in the show's chronology, roughly Season 2, at least for the first three omnibi.
Hrm, necklace, candelabra, and hourglass so far. Has anyone done the math to figure out how many of these collections would there be if they republished every book and thus the number of random nouns they'd need to take photos of?

Anyway these are pretty cute actually, I had no idea so many of the titles were so punny. And the site is a little difficult to navigate but I wasn't aware it was like Doctor Who where they get the cast members to actually narrate some of the books. (Or Charisma Carpenter was just a one off? And given a typo I can't tell if either they forgot an apostrophe or got the year wrong since they suggest Dawn's around.)

Ugh, now that I think about it I would have actually loved this concept more if they really did retroactively insert Dawn into these texts. It's harder to do with the series itself but words are cheap. And I do remember some of the Buffy comics that came out after season five but set in the high school years actually did.
"One Thing or Your Mother" is a fantastic title for a book.
It's taken from the phrase "Freudian slips are always about one thing or your mother" =)
orangewaxlion, the publisher only did one audio book, of Golden & Holder's Immortal, and they had Charisma do the reading. She's not bad, except when she tries to approximate Giles's British goes a little off the rails then. LOL
Yeah, Charisma's Giles accent was bad, but that book wasn't very good, except the Veronique character that could be a excelletn acquisition to the tv show.
Blooded has a nice joke, about Buffy thinking Snyder looks like Quark form ST TNG, but makes a chronological mistake too, placing Angel already becoming after the, in season 2 and IIRC, Calendar was also alive.
One thing or your mother... not to be confused with how i met your mother...even though it has Willow in it. Not in her willowy way, more lilly-esque. very floral.

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