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February 24 2010

7 Actors Typecast in Bizarrely Specific Roles. Cracked notices the roles that Melinda Clarke played on Firefly and C.S.I..

That's one hell of a tag.
Ah, Julie Cooper-Nichol, how wonderful you are. Weird similarities, but I guess that's how the casting agencies work. Or something. Cracked has provided me with funnier things than this though.

If you don't mind me going off topic for a bit, I'm excited for her appearance on The Vampire Diaries.

Agreed. But it helps differentiate from - Melinda Clarke's hookers that can committ (dissimilar roles on csi and firefly).
They missed a good one. Garret Dillahunt from The 4400 and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

4400 spoilers ahead:

In The 4400 he plays an agent from the future who's personality is put into someone's body using nanites. His job is to prevent the 4400 from changing the apocalyptic future where an elite few have thrived and thus don't want the status quo changed.

In Terminator, he's a terminator, and he modelled his appearance on someone he killed.

So in both he was a machine (although one microscopic, the other human sized) sent back in time to preserve an apocalyptic future for those that have thrived in new world, and takes over someone else's identity in the process.
Wasn't Garret Dillahunt on 2 other shows the same week as his TSCC appearance? One was as a Russian mob boss on Life, can't remember what the other one was.
He had a guest spot on Criminal Minds last year. He wasn't quite a machine, but he was paralyzed and spoke through a computer.
Back to Melinda Clarke- the Lady Heather role was done superbly, and her changes were believable, but she was a tough lady who had her reasons for doing what she did. One of the most poignant scenes in all of CSI was Grissom saying to her "Heather, I said stop."
I agree with Dana. I'm a Grissom/Sara girl, but the LH eps were good and she was a good character. I'm not overly fond of Good, The Bad and the Dominatrix and the 'stayed the night' thing, but otherwise...

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