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February 25 2010

An interview with Felicia Day. Conducted earlier this month, she discusses a broad range of topics from The Guild to gaming to female role models.

Very good interview but the following made me scratch my head.

If you could participate in bringing one video game or comic book property to the big screen, what would it be?

The George R. R. Martin books; they are already making those at HBO The Game of Thrones. I wasn’t British so I wasn’t allowed to audition for those,

Ummm what?
apparently it was a role playing game and card game.(?) I had to google it myself as I had never heard of it before.
Had no idea it was a game, but they're some terrific books. The series is known as "A Song of Ice and Fire" not "A Game of Thrones" which is the title of the first book

I saw it in my local geekstore a few weeks ago. Will def be purchased soon! I'm currently reading "A storm of swords", the thirs book in the series
Well Song of Ice and Fire isn't really a video game or comic book, though there are of course the comic books of Hedge Knight and Sworn Sword.

But the HBO show of Game of Thrones looks quite good. They do have Americans in it, so not sure why she wasn't allowed to audition. Hopefully for next season she can get in! There is a particular badass redhead that would be awesome to see her play!
Simon, I too was surprised by her answer and re-read the question to verify that it didn't quite match what she had been asked. I'm guessing that perhaps she misheard the question and thought that it included books.

I'm not complaining though, the ASOFAI series of books is one of my favorites and I was quite happy to see it mentioned, as well as some of the truly terrific comics that she discussed earlier in the interview.
As for the games based on ASOFAI or A Game of Thrones? My understanding is that there have been several:

- The Board Game that Bel-Rand mentioned.
- A CCG by Fantasy Flight Games.
- An LCG by Fantasy Flight Games.
- An old D20 based RPG by a publisher whose name I do not know.
- An RPG published by Green Ronin.
SteppeMerc, if the show does get approved then I agree that it would be great to see Felicia in it. That character is definitely different than those she has depicted in the past, but it sounds like she would be quite willing. We'll just have to keep hoping that the Series gets picked up!
Ok, so let's morph the thread a bit...

If HBO runs with the entire GRRM series, how would YOU cast Felicia, given that all the pilot roles have been cast?

Melissandre? She's older than Felicia, but the hair matches.
Meera Reed?

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