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February 25 2010

Castle finally comes to the UK! Alibi has bought the rights to Castle. No dates announced as yet, but the subsidiary of UKTV is showing it on its crime and mystery channel.

How does it hold up to other detective shows?
Castle is fantastic. The mysteries are good, and the characters even better. Everything in this show works. For those who will just be seeing it for the first time, enjoy!
Castle is amazing. The characters are great and it's so unpredictable!
Simon , if you are interested in watching it RTE1 are showing it on Saturday nights approx 11pm .I think they are up to the third or fourth episode .
Oh cool, I get RTE1 on Virgin Media here so I think I will give that a look. Cheers.
You first-time Castle viewers are in for a treat. Especially when you get around to this year's Halloween Episode.
RTE are showing Castle? Wow never even seen it advertised!
I thought this was posted a while back? Well, someone on my Twitter feed must have known about it then. Hmm. I'm pretty excited anyway. I'm definitely not a lover of procedurals, but seeing how addicted people are with it now, I'd be mad not to give it a go. I have never watched Alibi in my life, though.
...what channel?
I disagree with the high praise others have given to Castle. It's light entertainment, not a bad show but hardly appointment TV. Fillion is the main reason I watch, since he is a good actor even when given trite material. Castle's mother and daughter are types that have been written a hundred times before and the mystery plots are mainly an excuse for banter. Other than Nathan, the things I liked most were the Halloween episode and the occasional poker games that feature actual mystery writers in cameos. Don't get your hopes up too high.
If you like procedurals, I'd say Castle is better than others. Characters are enjoyable and Nathan Fillion is made for this role. Unfortunately, for me it wasn't enough to compensate for the otter boredom induced in me by pretty much all procedurals except for House, and the later one only because I can't solve the case 10 minutes into the episode. I dropped Castle two episodes into the second season, but it was a matter of personal taste rather than dictated by show's quality. It's worth checking out, I think.
I like it.
It's not riveting, but it is entertaining.

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